I’m Sick Of Ingrates

Unless you are a complete idiot you have to know that Obama, the Clintons, Holder, and all the rest of the people connected to this criminal administration are nothing but lying crooks. They are not “public servants”. Never have been and never will be. For that matter, with few exceptions republicans are crooks too. They write laws but exempt themselves. They led us to believe that if the house and senate were controlled by republicans with the “power of the purse” in congress things would be different. Can you name one thing that is different? No you can’t. There are way too many stupid people in this country, and with our education system being Socialist it will only get worse.

I picked cotton in the hot Alabama sun when I was a kid and I believe that should be a prerequisite to holding any office at any level in this country. I’m sick of these parasites feeding off of the public. Picking cotton would show them what work really is. Most of the people in congress are wealthy before they get there and if they aren’t they get rich quick after they arrive. Don’t forget insider trading was legal for them until recently. It is also legal for them to see to it that family and friends as well as contributors get large government contracts. This whole government has become nothing more than a scam aimed at screwing white people upon who’s back this country was built and defended through two world wars. Yeah I said that. I am also sick of people who are taken care of from cradle to grave and still being ingrates who do nothing but complain. This “racism” crap is just that, crap. If you are a minority black, Mexican, Muslim, or whatever and you don’t appreciate all of the undeserved benefits you get feel free to kiss my butt and leave. If free food, clothing, housing, medical care, education, and even cell phones aren’t good enough for you, LEAVE. We won’t miss you. It would sure be cheaper for us to send you back to Africa, Mexico, or the Muslim country you left than to keep supporting you. You are also the groups that breed like animals. Humans procreate animals breed. You people can’t even support yourself, but I guess because you don’t work you have plenty of energy to breed, and after all if you aren’t working you have nothing better to do.

I have never done anything for someone to get a “thank you”. I do things for people because I want to or because it’s the right thing to do. At the same time I will do nothing for an ingrate, and even less for someone who complains because they want more or because they think I haven’t done enough. If you are “African” American and don’t like it here get Louis Gates to help you find your “roots” in Africa and hit the road to the jungle. If you are Mexican and don’t like it here go back to Mexico and peek their lettuce. If you are Muslim just go to any other country, but please get out of here. I’m sure we can arrange transportation if you need it as long as you promise to not come back.

Thanks I needed to say that. Maybe now my head won’t explode.


I’m Done!!

I have voted for the last forty four years. I have worked the polls for the last thirty five years. I AM DONE!! I will vote no more. Our votes no longer matter. We the people voted in republicans as a majority in both the House and the Senate and what good has it done? Not a Damn bit!! Harry Reid (Mitch McCoward is DOA) still controls legislation in the Senate and WINO RINO Boehner is obama’s flunky in the House. The entire Presidential administration is filled with Communists, Marxists, Socialists, Homosexuals, other sexual perverts, and on top of that a bunch of ugly people. I could list all of the corruption, scandals, lies, evil, and criminal acts this bunch of idiots has committed, but if you don’t already know what they are you probably shouldn’t be reading this anyway. I have never seen this kind of trash in Washington in my lifetime, and I’ve seen many rotten people in office over the years.

If your child lied to you the way obama does you would spank their butt even if you don’t believe in spanking. If it was your spouse there would be a divorce in your future. If it was someone you do business with you would at the very least you would fire them. It is almost beyond belief that the American people will put up with this bull feces, but they are. If people are so stupid they can’t look at obama’s entire life surrounded Communists, terrorists, and radicals of every genre and not get fired up enough to badger their representatives to put a stop to this (which they obviously can’t) then there is no hope for this country.

This country has lost all of it’s moral values. It has been taken over by groups of minorities who’s values are no more American than Mao’s were. When is the last time you heard the word ASSIMILATION used by an elected person? Millions of people have been here over four hundred years and still WON’T speak proper English. Millions are coming here who can’t speak any English. Rather than telling them to learn or leave we have become so weak we put everything in two languages, which is no favor to them. It won’t be long until they are telling us to press one for English.

My father fought in some of the most horrible battles in the European theater including the Battle of The Bulge during WWII, and he sure didn’t fight for this country to have it destroyed by idiots like we have in DC now. I have done all I can during my life to make this a country I could be proud of, but I am done. I have lost. We haven’t been a Constitutional Republic for many years now and we are inches from all out Socialism. There is not one thing that I can do about that, but I can and do refuse to participate any longer. I wish the young people in this country good luck because they are going to need it. I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy the crap we are leaving for them. They will never know the freedom we enjoyed. They will never have the pride that I used to feel for this country. They will not have the opportunities that I had. They will be slaves to the state.

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America No Longer 1 Nation, 1 People

By Patrick J Buchanan

Speaking to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Albuquerque in 2001, George W. Bush declared that, as Mexico was a friend and neighbor, “It’s so important for us to tear down our barriers and walls that might separate Mexico from the United States.”
Bush succeeded. And during his tenure, millions from Mexico exploited his magnanimity to violate our laws, trample upon our sovereignty, walk into our country and remain here.
In 2007, supported by John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Teddy Kennedy and Barack Obama, Bush backed amnesty for the 12 million people who had entered America illegally.
The nation thundered no. And Congress sustained the nation.
The latest mass border crossing by scores of thousands of tots, teenagers and toughs from Central America has killed amnesty in 2014, and probably for the duration of the Obama presidency.
Will protests of illegals by U.S. cities make a difference? Sound off in the WND Poll.
Indeed, with the massive media coverage of the crisis on the border, immigration, legal and illegal, and what it portends for our future, could become the decisive issue of 2014 and 2016.
But it needs to be put in a larger context. For this issue is about more than whether the Chamber of Commerce gets amnesty for its members who have been exploiting cheap illegal labor.
The real issue: Will America remain one nation, or are we are on the road to Balkanization and the breakup of America into ethnic enclaves? For, as Ronald Reagan said, a nation that cannot control its borders isn’t really a nation anymore.
In Federalist No. 2, John Jay wrote, “Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people – a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs. … ”
He called Americans a “band of brethren, united to each other by the strongest ties.” The republic of the founders for whom Jay spoke did not give a fig for diversity. They cherished our unity, commonality and sameness of ancestry, culture, faith and traditions.
We were not a nation of immigrants in 1789.
They came later. From 1845-1849, the Irish fleeing the famine. From 1890-1920, the Germans. Then the Italians, Poles, Jews and other Eastern Europeans. Then, immigration was suspended in 1924.
From 1925 to 1965, the children and grandchildren of those immigrants were assimilated, Americanized. In strong public schools, they were taught our language, literature and history, and celebrated our holidays and heroes. We endured together through the Depression and sacrificed together in World War II and the Cold War.
By 1960, we had become truly one nation and one people.
America was not perfect. No country is. But no country ever rivaled what America had become. She was proud, united, free, the first nation on earth. And though the civil rights movement had just begun, nowhere did black peoples enjoy the freedom and prosperity of African-Americans.
Order Pat Buchanan’s brilliant and prescient books at WND’s Superstore.
Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday that America is today in “a fundamentally better place than we were 50 years ago.”
In some ways that is so. Equality of rights has been realized. Miraculous cures in medicine have kept alive many of us who would not have survived the same maladies half a century ago.
But we are no longer that “band of brethren.” We are no longer one unique people “descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion.”
We are from every continent and country. Nearly 4 in 10 Americans trace their ancestry to Asia, Africa and Latin America. We are a multiracial, multilingual, multicultural society in a world where countless countries are being torn apart over race, religion and roots.
We no longer speak the same language, worship the same God, honor the same heroes or share the same holidays. Christmas and Easter have been privatized. Columbus is reviled. Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee are out of the pantheon. Cesar Chavez is in.
Our politics have become poisonous. Our political parties are at each other’s throats.
Christianity is in decline. Traditional churches are sundering over moral issues like abortion and same-sex marriage. Islam is surging.
Our society seems to be disintegrating. Over 40 percent of all births now are illegitimate. Among Hispanics, the figure is 52 percent. Among African-Americans, 73 percent.
And among children born to single moms, the drug use rate and the dropout rate, the crime rate and the incarceration rate, are many times higher than among children born to married parents.
If a country is a land of defined and defended borders, within which resides a people of a common ancestry, history, language, faith, culture and traditions, in what sense are we Americans one nation and one people today?
Neocons say we are a new kind of nation, an ideological nation erected upon a written Constitution and Bill of Rights.
But equality, democracy and diversity are not mentioned in the Constitution. As for what our founding documents mean, even the Supreme Court does not agree.
More and more, 21st-century America seems to meet rather well Metternich’s depiction of Italy – “a geographic expression.”

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Retire Cornyn

Several election cycles ago (2010) I ran across a candidate that truly excited me for the first time in years – Les Phillip in N Alabama. He was running for Congress and he should have won however, his campaign imploded on itself due to his own choices. I had poured my heart and soul into this race, went way out on limb getting folks to support him not just locally but nationally and his throwing it all away discouraged me so much I pretty much refused to get more than superficially involved in any other campaign since. I have become extremely cynical about the quality of candidates and politicians we have. While I supported Ted Cruz I admit I didn’t do all I could have-I did superficial things but I did not get emotionally vested in his campaign. After Les I promised myself no more emotional investment in a campaign. Last weekend changed that.
Several months ago here in Texas I decided I couldn’t in good conscience vote for John Cornyn. I didn’t like him before he jabbed the knife in Ted Cruz but after he twisted that very same knife I knew I couldn’t even hold my nose and vote for him, so I went Senator shopping. There is a lot of want to be Senators on the Texas shelf this year. As we all know a Senator’s JOB is to represent the state-well to me Texas is best represented by a Texan not some imported person with dual loyalties-what is good for Michigan or PA may not be good for Texas. So this knocked a couple out of the running right off. Then I started reading and listening to speeches, went and sat in back, observed how they carried themselves and their message. One candidate out shined them by a long distance, Dwayne Stovall. I found myself actually getting excited, I volunteered finally for his campaign, helped out some on twitter with retweets, Facebook, etc. Once again helping but staying superficial. Then by a fluke turn on events I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with Dwayne and Kathy Stovall.
After this last weekend-I am in this race heart and soul. This candidate is real, his family is real (I’ll even forgive that his oldest daughter goes to University of Alabama and a son at UT which being an Aggie is tough to swallow), his wife is absolutely wonderful-she is biggest asset he has outside his strong stance on the 10th Amendment. The circumstances of the weekend brought together an interesting bunch –there were 2 Libertarians, 1 I lean Democrat, 1 I lean Republican but mostly Democrat and 1 full blown Wendy Davis supporter type (she actually told me she hoped as a woman I would vote Davis but that is another story), by the end of the weekend there were 4 new Stovall voters-including the Wendy Davis supporter. Dwayne is so able to articulate conservative values that he actually persuaded liberals to come over from the dark side. More important they were unable to bait him into stupid comments or into getting frustrated. We have seen a lot of conservative candidates go down in last 4 years to foot in mouth disease. The discussions were casual, unscripted and just like a bunch of friends sitting around chatting, yet he was able to use conservative principals and the 10th Amendment to actually reach liberals. I am telling you I was impressed. We need someone that can articulate our values in such a way to reach everyone not just like minded folks.
Please fellow Texans we are being offered an option, we don’t have to send John Cornyn back-he is Mitch McConnell’s gopher. Yes Matt might take down Mitch but remember if he does John Cornyn is likely to become Minority Leader and this is a scary thought to me. Cornyn has already proven his lack of loyalty to Texas and Texas voters-10 to 1 we told him not to vote for Cloture.
Dwayne offers the opportunity to elect a Texan that has integrity and determination that is honest, articulate and stands proud of being a Texan. We will never have to wonder if Texas comes first with Dwayne Stovall.
Written by

God Help Us

It’s an interesting time in the history of the United States of America. For decades people were ridiculed for being paranoid about looking under rocks for Communists in this country. Now all we have to do is look in the White House, the Senate, and Congress. I think back to the transgressions of Richard Nixon and compare his to Obama’s, the difference between the two is staggering. Given that Obama has taken it upon himself to make or disregard laws is reprehensible and yet no one does anything about it. Nixon had to resign for lying. Lying is all Obama has done since day one. There have been twelve presidents during my lifetime and if you combined all of them they aren’t as narcissistic as Obama is by himself.

It’s difficult for me to understand why people refuse to tell the truth. Why won’t people just admit that Obama is a lying Communist and it was a mistake to elect him? We don’t know very much about Obama’s past but we do know enough to know he is a Communist. We know his parents, his grandparents, his mentor, and his friends were all Communists before and since he was elected. If you believed him or voted for him you need to admit he peed on your head and convinced you it was raining, and you bought it hook line and sinker.

If you call yourself a democrat you are either a Communist or an idiot, there are no other options. I hear democrats talking about “social justice”. We have “social justice”. Social justice is reaping what you’ve sown. Yes, democrats it’s just that simple!! Being black or any other minority does NOT give you the right to sit on your behind refusing to speak proper English, get an education, and be a responsible citizen. It does not give you the right to collect every give away program the progressives can think of to enslave you and make you weak while destroying this country. It does not give you the right to claim victimization and do nothing but complain about racism when in fact the most racist people in this country today are blacks and illegal immigrants. Minorities have been coddled by democrats for so long that there is very little hope for them at this point. A strong back in this day and age doesn’t help in today’s job market. You have to have a skill that someone will pay you for. I hear so-called black leaders complaining about mass incarceration of young black males destroying the black family. Here’s a novel idea why not stop committing crimes. Welfare is the cause of the breakup of black families, not incarceration. If they would get an education and a job they wouldn’t have the time or the need to commit crimes.

The only hope I can see for this country in the short term is the 2014 elections. In the long term I see no hope for this country to remain a Republic (I hope I’m wrong). Obama needs to be impeached for violating his oath of office and violating the Constitution, but the only way this will happen (if at all) is by electing a majority of conservatives in 2014 to both houses. Even if that happens we will need enough of those who are elected to not be afraid to be called racists in order to get him removed. I suppose a best case scenario is to elect a conservative majority, get rid of the RINOs and checkmate Obama for his remaining two years after the election.

I hate to be a pessimist, but I’m just being realistic and honest. With almost 40% of the population loving welfare dependence, and our borders wide open I just don’t see things getting better. It is beyond belief what this country has become in a very short period of time. God help us!!

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The largest cause of problems in this country are minorities. I include in minorities Socialists, Marxists, Progressives, Democrats, and Communists in addition to race, ethnicity, ideology, and religion. The bitching of minorities never stops. The unbelievable costs associated with minorities never stops. Just look at the taxpayer dollars that groups like the ACLU, NAACP, Southern Poverty law Center, and so many others have cost us, and for what? The problem with minorities is that way to many of them come here or were brought here and refuse to assimilate with others in the greatest country on earth.

Blacks stereotype themselves and then bitch when it is pointed out by others. They deny the stereotypes that they create. If you hear a loud bass beat thumping done the street and you see someone with their cap on sideways and their ass hanging out of their pants walking out of KFC do you think of blacks? If you don’t you are in denial. If you go to a meat market around the first of the month I promise you will find large numbers of blacks buying tons of chicken because food stamps are renewed the first of the month. If you owned a business and you had to hire a receptionist would you hire someone who would say to a customer “he don’t be here rat now, but he be back later” when you are out of the office? The vast majority of blacks refuse to speak properly for whatever reason and until they do they will not be hired to be in positions that require them to address the public. They have been given every opportunity and advantage that a minority group could ask for and for the most part haven’t done a damn thing with it. The majority hasn’t built a fence around them or tied an anchor to their ass so what is keeping them here. If you don’t like it here grab a loin cloth and head back to the country of your ancestors or STFU.

Mexicans come here because there is no opportunity in Mexico. Fine, but if you come here you need to realize that you didn’t want to live in Mexico so don’t try to turn this country into Mexico north. Those who come here illegally remind me of cockroaches. Cockroaches sneak into your house because they know if they just walked right in, in plain sight they would be stepped on and killed. The gall of these people is beyond belief. They want to fly Mexican flags in this country. They breed like cockroaches having anchor babies and using enough welfare to support an entire country all at the expense of the few Americans who pay taxes. They take jobs from Americans by working for low wages increasing profits for their employers.

Muslims are just plain nuts. Don’t tell me about “moderate” Muslims because when push comes to shove they will side with the radical Muslims because if they don’t the radicals will kill them too. They also come to this country and breed like cockroaches. They jump on the welfare system and we have to support them with all of the benefits that offers including housing, food, free education, and the beat goes on. They don’t stop there. They want foot baths in public places paid for by taxpayers so they can wash their feet five times a day before they pray. They aren’t interested in American laws, they want to make their own based on Sharia law. They want to be allowed to abuse their women and children and not be held accountable. They want to kill anyone who won’t convert to Islam. This shit should work out pretty well for them because obama is at best a Muslim sympathizer. He has said he will “stand with Muslims”. He may be a Muslim because he sure as hell isn’t a Christian anymore than his so-called preacher, Wright.
So-called Black Liberation Theology is NOT a Christian doctrine period.

Communists, Marxists, Progressives, Democrats, and Liberals (all the same) have taken over our universities, our media, and our government. They are still a minority but they have been working on the destruction of this country since 1913 when Woodrow Wilson was in the White House. If the people who built this country and made it great are not willing to stand up and tell the truth as unpleasant as that may be we will lose this country and we will lose it soon. We have a communist president who breaks the law repeatedly and no one in congress will do a damn thing about it. I vividly remember Watergate. No one died there, yet Nixon had to resign to avoid impeachment. What Nixon did is a joke compared to what obama has done. Fast and Furious cost a life. Benghazi cost at least four lives. Green energy bullshit has cost hundreds of millions. obama has destroyed our healthcare system in this country. Can anyone tell me how the hell obama gets away with this? If you lie to the FBI or a Grand Jury you go to jail. obama lies to the whole world and this country in particular and no one does anything about it. Of all of the people I have mentioned the lowest form of life are the RINOs who go along to get reelected. These people are truly vermon.

Thanks. I feel better!!
I apologize to cockroaches 🙂

Progressive Republicans

I can’t believe how stupid progressive republicans can be. This immigration issue is putting stupidity front and center. Do these people REALLY believe that blacks or Mexicans will vote republican under any circumstances? What they need to concentrate on is the WHITE vote while it is still a majority and still matters.

It’s bad when you have to deal with liberal, progressive democrats. It’s a sin when you have to deal with idiot progressive republicans. It makes no sense. Why don’t they just cross the isle and become democrats. I’m not going to name the idiots because there are too many of them and if you don’t know who they are you’re wasting your time reading this.

Another issue which brings out the ignorance is whether or not to fund obamacare. Democrats had no problem ramming it down our throats even though a majority of Americans opposed it, but republicans are scared to death to defund it. Government shut down be damned. They can fund every aspect of government except obamacare and if obama won’t sign the bill then he is responsible for the shut down. What do republicans have to lose? They haven’t won a presidential election in the last two elections by running RINOs. One would think a person with an IQ of 70 would be better than the communist who is president. Conservatives are not going to support RINOs under almost any circumstance. They may not say too much but they will stay home and not vote which is what happened to Romney.

If we don’t wake up, and understand that if we don’t act, and soon this country will be totally ruined. We need to restore the values we once had. We need to stop kissing the asses of minorities. Minorities can become part of the majority if they will assimilate. If they choose not to then let them live with their choice, but there should be no unequal treatment of minorities because that is called discrimination. White people need to realize that we built this country. How many minorities fought against the British for our independence? How many fought in the civil war that cost almost 600,000 lives? How many fought in world wars one and two? I have heard this racism crap all of my life, but in this era the only racists I know are for the most part black. I have heard all of the arguments for reparations and all the other BS. The bottom line is no one in this country has owned a slave for at least 148 years and we have blown trillions of dollars on programs for blacks in particular that have produced no positive results. All that money has produced are race baiting extortionists like jesse jackson and al sharpton. Welfare pimps who make a living by keeping people victimized and poor. We have bussed black kids all over Hell’s Half Acre and for what? What good has it accomplished? Nothing, but we keep doing it at enormous cost. As I said we need to stop kissing ass and get on with running this country for as long as we can.

I have a novel idea. Let’s enforce our immigration laws and seal our borders. Let’s deport all illegal aliens. Let’s make drug testing for welfare mandatory. It is for most jobs one would apply for. Let’s make it workfare rather than welfare. As long as there is a piece of paper thrown on the side of the road there is work to be done. When people work they are much less likely to commit crime and they would feel better about themselves if they did work.

I guess I am just an insensitive racist, but I see so many ignorant things being done and it’s just very hard to take. We’ve reached a point where we can’t be honest with each other because of political correctness and that’s sad. We have become a nation of cowards who refuse to tell the truth out of fear. Look at the amount of time that is spent on the word nigger. Think about how much time, energy, and effort is put into getting people to call it the N-word. It’s just a word. It’s not a stick or a stone. I don’t frankly give a damn what someone calls me. I don’t need any one to validate my worth. I suppose in the end I just wish we could be honest with each other, but I know that isn’t possible, I also know it is sad.

I’m Still Pissed Off

There was a time (before 2008) when any American citizen abroad could expect help from our embassies regardless of the problem they might have. Any American kidnapped or harmed in any way could expect the full weight of the United States government to be behind them to bring a resolution to their issue. Now they allow islamist idiots to murder government workers while they watch. They argue about whether a muslim murder at Fort Hood should be allowed to have a beard in the court room. I guess some liberal fools call this justice. I call it bull shit.

I’m sure most people would call me a racist, bigoted, homophobic. By todays standards I am, and I couldn’t be more proud. I’m racist and a bigot because I’m sick of the true racists (jesse jackson, al sharpton, et al) making excuses for blacks who refuse to learn and speak correctly the English language. I am sick of the excuse making for the black incarceration rate and the recidivism rate. I realize that perhaps some white people may get off easier, but the fact is if they didn’t commit crimes none of them would be in jail. You can have over one hundred blacks gathered in a closed gas station parking lot at 4:00 AM on a weekend. There’s a shooting and not one of the people saw a thing. You can’t make this crap up, but I am a racist and a bigot for not ignoring it, or for not making a lame excuse for people who violate the law and common sense. I’m also a racist because I disagree with allowing this country to be over run by mexicans who come here illegally while proudly waving their mexican flag as they hold marches to let us know how badly we and our country suck while they devour our social services like animals. I want our borders closed and that is really not that big of a deal. All you need to do is make the consequences of being caught crossing illegally more than the reward. That’s how we raise our children (consequence out weighs reward) so it isn’t that complicated. The cost of these illegals far out weighs any benefit they might bring to this country. Prior to the passage of the Hart-Celler act back in the sixties people who migrated to this country had to have a skill to offer the US or they were not allowed in. Now it’s all determined by ethnicity which means send us your dumb and poor and we will add them to our welfare rolls.

I am probably considered homophobic because I don’t believe in equal rights for unequal situations. I refuse to accept that homosexual marriage is right and should be sanctioned by the government. What’s next? Polygamy, perhaps your favorite sheep? Once you open that door where do you draw the line as to who can walk through? I happen to like brunettes with great legs. I can’t help that and I can’t change it, but I don’t try to bed down everyone I see. I don’t believe we can help what turns us on (so to speak) but I know we can choose how we react to the things that turn us on. Fact is responsible people don’t wind up with STDs. The number of HIV cases among blacks and homosexuals is staggering and getting worse by the day.

As I write this there is a so-called by partisan group of senators working on what they call immigration reform (most people call it amnesty). This group includes chuck schumer, dick durbin, and robert menendez. These are three of the most radical left wing socialists in Washington. On the republican side you have john mccain and lindsey graham who are cookie cutter RINOs. Republicans feel the need to kiss mexican ass. I guess the morons can’t figure out they are never going to get the black or mexican vote no matter what they do and even if they could figure out a way to get that vote it would cost them whatever principles they have left so why bother.

The people who built this country are dying out and the ones who are hell bent on bringing it to it’s knees are breeding like cockroaches. Speaking of breeding like cockroaches let’s not forget the muslims (religion of peace) who want to kill us. Each one of these people represent a vote for socialist democrats so they will keep the welfare faucet o until the well runs dry and when it does run dry there will be riots like this country has never seen before. By the way when is the last time you heard of a white riot in this country. Opps there goes the racist again pointing out facts.

Never thought I would say this but I can’t think of one politician that I respect and that’s sad.

I don’t capitalize out of disrespect.

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Things That Piss Me Off

1) It pisses me off that white people puckered their lips and started kissing black asses back in the sixties, and can’t seem to stop because they have been conditioned to believe that because of slavery over 150 years ago that they are somehow responsible for the plight of blacks in this country today. Fact is blacks have been riding the gravy train in this country since the mid-sixties and have absolutely no intention of giving it up. Would you give up free housing, free food, free medical care, and free education paid for by other people’s tax dollars? You can look at every negative crime statistic in this country and you will find blacks at the top of the list, even though they only represent 13% of the population.
Look at who they call “black leaders”. Louis Farrakhan believes in a “mother ship” (UFO), is a moonbat hater. Farrakhan and his few million followers believe white people are “devils”. They hate white people, and they openly express this hate. Jesse Jackson openly has an out of wedlock child and his followers not only don’t care, they even make excuses for him. Jackson is an corporate extortionist. That’s how he funds most of the groups he’s involved with.
Al Sharpton rose to fame because of the Tawana Brawley rape that never happened.
The list of racist so-called “black leaders” all of whom are Marxists goes on and on. Boyce Watkins, James Cone, Tavis Smiley, Jeremiah Wright, are just a few.
I have never owned a slave. My ancestors never owned slaves and I have never held a black person back from anything (or anyone else for that matter). If blacks refuse to assimilate into society and speak proper English that’s their problem-not mine.
2) I detest stupidity. I know you can’t fix it, but I do believe it can be prevented. Problem is it’s taught in public schools these days. After 12 years of liberal orientation by idiot teachers it’s very difficult if not impossible to re-program them to some form of sanity.
3) Academics piss me off because they live in a theoretical world were anything will work on paper, but in the real world they couldn’t survive for a month and they are the ones brainwashing our children. They are by their very nature Marxists because the only place Marxism works is on paper.
4) The press pisses me off because above all else they want to be politically correct, even if it means lying their butts off. They are enablers for all things immoral and repugnant to the average American. I suppose it’s to be expected because they were educated by the academics.
5) The clowns in Hollywood piss me off because they may be the only group with lower morals than politicians. They are whores for the politicians who pimp them. They are called “celebrities”. There is nothing about them to celebrate. They can memorize and regurgitate scripts, big deal. They are “play actors”. They also live in a theoretical world surrounded by their own kind. They love the theory of Marxism as long as they don’t have to pay for it.
6) We have no immigration policy and that pisses me off. Alabama passed the toughest immigration law in the nation last year and there was a mass exodus of illegals. Their school population shrunk dramatically over night as did the number of people in their hospital emergency rooms. The demand for all social services was reduced over night. This spring many farmers are planting less acreage in labor intensive crops such as tomatoes. They are concerned they may not have enough labor to pick the crops at harvest time. I know I’m not the brightest crayon in the box, but when there are thousands of healthy people on some form of welfare don’t tell me there isn’t enough labor to pick those crops. Life is only as complicated as you make it. If you are able, and won’t work any honest job that is available your assistance stops. Problem solved on many, many levels. As usual comments are appreciated, but I do insist you use facts to support your argument if you disagree.

Get A Grip People

This was written by @victoria_29

It has been nearly a year since my last blog, so as you can tell I rarely get motivated to write them but when I do they are passionate. Something happened on twitter today that has my blood pressure all in a tizzy & furious. I do apologize for the length once I started my rant it just flowed. First, let me make a couple of things clear I am a conservative-have always been my entire life-I attended private Baptist Schools & grew up on a ranch-we learned hard work & responsibility as well as right from wrong. We owed nothing to any one nor did anyone owe us anything but to leave us alone to reach our potential. However, this was in the heart of the East Texas Piney Woods so I also grew up a Democrat. Texas in 1980s when I started college was a Democrat state-at least on a state level, we might vote Republican on a national level but our state politics were all Democrat. My dad was what I call today a JFK Democrat-if you aren’t familiar with that term it is a Democrat that still believed in America, that we were the best country on earth & while might not agree on every issue there was little doubt most Democrats also loved this country-most were WWII vets like Kennedy. Regardless of the liberal loon Teddy was JFK was not a liberal loon-he wasn’t about abortion, same-sex marriage, he believed in God & said so. People tend to forget that this type of Democrat ever existed-but they did all over the south & to some extent some do still today.

The other factor to the Democrat/Republican issue that many in other areas over look is that until last 30 years in the south the very word Republican was repugnant. It was associated with Lincoln & Reconstruction-while obviously none of us lived through this period, my grandfather’s dad did & he grew up with this still hanging over the south’s head. Was he a Democrat, yes he was, did he ever vote Republican, yes he did-he voted for Ronald Reagan. Was he a Democrat registered until the day he died yes he was, as was my grandma, daddy, mom, etc. Now what has set me off on this rant is the absolute stupidity of some people about Governor Rick Perry being a former Democrat & Al Gore campaign manager.

First since so MANY consider Reagan a hero let’s talk about Reagan was a Democrat, was OLDER than Rick Perry when he flipped parties. About that time this very ignorant person @Gopthinking said well Reagan was a Republican a long time before became President. News Flash guys!!! Do your research. Reagan was a Republican for 16 yrs when he was elected President. Rick Perry has been a Republican for 22 years.

As for Al Gore, many like this @Gopthinking person have no clue of Al Gore of that time period. It was not the Al Gore of today (about 5 yrs ago Perry pretty much called Gore of today a loon himself). Either you weren’t born, forgot, didn’t participate in politics or are just flat too lazy like @Gopthinking to research before running mouth. Al Gore the year that Gov. Perry was his campaign director in TX-ran on defunding Planned Parenthood, voted against banning hand gun sales across state lines (in other words was pro-gun) putting prayer BACK in school, a family values platform-anyone else recall Tipper’s initiatives towards music/television/movies? Gore lost the primary to Dukakis because he was too conservative-this is about time that the Democrat party that granted had been slanting more & more left took the hard left turn. Rick Perry left the Democrat party at this time. Also worth noting during the 2 yrs prior & 2 yrs after so did a lot of other prominent politicians that are today respected as some of the most conservative out there. Anyone want to call Judge Roy Moore a liberal? How about Gov Bob Riley? Maybe Senator Shelby (he is rino not liberal)?

While we are on the subject of that old election. Please don’t anyone try to sell Herbert Walker Bush as the Conservative in that race-even then the GOP was all about Moderates. Dick Gephardt & Al Gore were considered the Conservatives by everyone.

The facts are clear, Governor Rick Perry was KNOWN do your research to be a conservative when he was a Democrat. It seems that the ONLY thing anyone has to use against him is stuff that silly liberals & RINOS have been trying to use for years & that has already been debunked-not just once but over & over. Since I am addressing stupid statements I’ll go ahead & address a couple of more although they are so ridiculous hardly worth my time.

The Bildenburger (or however you spell it) speech, just because you give a speech to an international organization ONE time very much out in the open (it wasn’t like he sneaked off duh), the speech was on energy-not really odd for Gov of largest energy producing state to give a speech. He has given 100s of them over last 11 years all over the world.

Guardsil he did the executive order because-the CDC highly recommended, I am sure his wife being a nurse played a role in it & that he truly believed it was good for girls. HOWEVER, what people try to spin is a LIE. From the start, the original executive order is posted as law requires on Texas Govt. site-Gov Perry INCLUDED opt out option for parents. So, please get off the “forced” crap it is way too easy to debunk & makes you sound dumb.

He is not for Amnesty-has always been against, will always be against. He did say AZ Bill is NOT for Tx & I agree with him-read the thing, it is a convoluted law that was badly & confusingly written that is still causing problems for AZ law enforcement in understanding. Yes, he is against a Fence, as a rancher’s daughter I am against the fence. One it is a waste of money that would be ineffective they are already tunneling under in placed & 2 the terrain in many parts of Tx does not lend itself to a fence. Gov Perry knows the answer is boots on the ground, drones & things of this nature. Yes, we have to deal with immigration however, we have to close borders first.

Yes Gov Perry signed the Texas Dream Act-with support of 100% of the legislators & senators & majority of Texans. It is NOTHING like what Reid & Democrats want. It is very limited & very restrictive applying only to school. First, they have to be able to prove have lived in Texas 3 years, 2nd they have to have GRADUATED a TEXAS (not any other state) high school & 3rd they have to applied for citizenship FOR in-state tuition-not free tuition, just plain in-state tuition. BTW the Supreme Court ruled you cannot use legal status to deny education.

No Gov Perry did NOT threaten for Texas to leave the Union. What he actually said when asked about it was that you never could tell if what would happen if the Federal Govt kept on. (that is not precise quote but the gist of the comment) He also clearly stated that we had a very good Union & that he saw no reason to leave the union.

Under Gov Perry my state has thrived. I first voted for Rick Perry when he ran for Ag Commissioner-his 1st state office & my 1st chance to vote . I may not have had the best reasons at that time but the women will understand this-he came to our county fair to campaign & my goodness he had a wrangler butt & had me from hello. Have I agreed with him every single issue since that time, no I haven’t. But what I do know is that he has been good for this state, he cares about the people, he is a veteran who loved this country enough to lay his life on the line. No candidate is going to be perfect. What we have to do is be & I know this is hard for some that are so emotionally invested in a candidate is rationally as well. Rick Perry has every advantage that no other candidate has against Barack Obama. When Obama whines about inheriting Bush’s economy well so did Rick Perry. Both also inherited Bush’s credit rating-Obama decreased his, while Perry raised his. As far as being tough enough, he hasn’t backed down from Obama, Holder, the UN, or Mexico yet & besides that is not something any Texan is really good at doing. Yes, he is a 10th amendment supporter, life time member of NRA, if you haven’t read Fed-Up you should, it is his governing philosophy. Many say well is US ready for another Texas president-facts are we have only had 2 – Lyndon B Johnson & Dwight David Eisenhower. Rick Perry has created jobs when no one else has been able to. When Romney was Gov of Ma there is not only Romneycare but his job record is poor, the economy of MA was flat during his time & jobs were not added-& this was during the up time in economy-same with Pawlenty in WI. We have to elect a fighter, & that is what Rick Perry is. Another Texas Tweeter @scottbraddock said the other night, “Texas is littered with the bodies of political opponents that have underestimated Rick Perry.”