A Few Questions And Comments

When was the last time you heard of any race besides blacks rioting? I don’t recall a Latino riot, an Asian riot, or a Caucasian riot in the last sixty years. I was in a few riots back in the sixties but every riot was started by blacks. At this point they are more out of control than they were back in the day and it is all because liberals have spent the last fifty plus years making blacks victims. Lyndon Baines Johnson better known as Looney Bin Johnson said back in the sixties that if he got his “War on Poverty” passed he would have “those niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years”. We have spent several TRILLIONS on welfare and what has it gotten us? How about Detroit, Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, and the beat goes on. All cities run by liberals or blacks or both are nothing more than ghettos. The same goes for nations. Can you name one nation run by blacks that is safe and successful? Throwing money at problems does no good, in fact I would suggest it makes things worse. People who have to work for what they have are by far more likely to take care of it. They are also more interested in getting a decent night’s sleep and having a good home life. People who work don’t have the time or energy to riot and raise hell all night. They don’t want to destroy things or have their things destroyed by others.

Lets look at black leaders for a moment. Jesse Jackson. Has no church, I don’t know of any church that I have attended in the last fifty years who would even allow him to speak in their pulpit let alone be their pastor. Jesse is nothing more than a welfare pimp, extortionist, liar, and adulterer among many other things, none of which are good. He fathered a child (Ashley Laverne) out of wedlock with Karin Stanford. He also used money he extorted from companies to pay his child support. Back in the sixties he helped Martin Luther King (real name Michael King) keep things quiet about Kings womanizing and the brutality he used against women. I’m not going to waste much time on King because history has been so rewritten there isn’t much point. Suffice it to say he was a plagiarist, and a Communist who surrounded himself with Communists such as Stanley Levison and Jack O’Dell just to name two of the more prominent . Al Sharpton. Another one without a church. Sharpton is another one who is nothing more than a welfare pimp. Who has learned well from Jackson and others to extort money from corporations. From Tawana Brawley to Micheal Brown he has created civil unrest based on nothing but lies. He owes millions in taxes and yet he is welcomed to the White House by the negro president. How long do you think you could work at MSNBC if you couldn’t read a teleprompter and owed millions in back taxes? Boyce Watkins. A younger welfare pimp than Jackson and Sharpton but just as bad. He was a professor at Syracuse University while he was working on his pimping business. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the newer breed of welfare pimps. I will name a few more, but if you want to read their bios you may Google them. Marc Lamont Hill, Tavis Smiley, Eric Dyson, ETC. Last but certainly not the least Louis Farrakhan. He is my favorite out of the bunch. Louie started out as a calypso singer back in the day. He got hooked up with Wallace Fard Muhammad back in 1955. He has since been caught up in the “Mother Wheel” (floating around in space where he talked to Elijah Muhammad—you can’t make this stuff up), and he was responsible for the murder of Malcolm X. He has turned the so called Nation of Islam (NOI) into perhaps the largest hate whitey group other than Arab Muslims in the world and most definitely in the largest in the USA.

The saddest thing about all of these people is that they make a fortune by doing immoral things that help no one other than themselves. The one thing they all have in common is that they hate white people. Farrakhan goes as far as to call white people devils. He encourages his followers to do evil things to the “white devils” and yet no one has the courage to call him out for what he really is-evil.

I don’t know how you feel about this but I feel better having said it. I refuse to be politically correct. Facts are sometimes tough things to deal with and so is truth.

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  1. Sir. You hit the nail on its head.

  2. So what’s your point? Is it to point out the hypocrisies of black leaders? I could write an entire book on the hypocrisies of both black and white leader. And it must be a coincidence that cities run by liberals/blacks (because obviously their the same thing) contain ghettos. Because we all know cities run by conservatives and whites have absolutely no ghettos or impoverished. And of course no nation run by blacks can be successful. Who cares if African nations have been constantly suppressed by colonialism and exploited for resources? They should get over it. Nobody cares if the results from the Berlin conference set the precedence for African territorial disputes for the next chapter of history, that’s old news. Black leaders obviously can’t do anything.

    • I made my point and if you don’t have clue what it is that’s your problem not mine. If African nations had any interest in education and rule of law their countries would have never been colonized. I suppose you think it would be advantageous to leave their resources in the ground for centuries until they figured out what to do with them (which they still haven’t). You seem to have a problem with Capitalism which is what made the US the leader of the free world for many years. It’s the funding vehicle that won two world wars and created the highest standard of living in history. There isn’t one country in history that has been successful with Socialism, but I think you like many progressives believe it hasn’t worked because the wrong people were running it. I suggest you work for Bernie Sanders for president. He wants to tax some people at 90% which I’m sure would meet with your approval. The two of you can turn this once great country into a Socialist utopia.

      • No African interest in education? Try the library of Alexandria, later burned to the ground by Europeans. Or how about the countless contributions to science by Africans and Middle Easterners. And yes, Africans know how to use their resources. South Africa is the 3rd largest exporter of coal with a gold industry worth 3.8 billion. And if you really want to bring my beliefs into this, the main reason for the fall of socialism, and I use that term very loosely, is the historic background of the nation’s where it was implemented. For instance Lenin knew Russia’s transition from feudalism to socialism would be catastrophic because there was practically no wealth to distribute from the old system. And as for Bernie Sanders, did you even read the full article? Sanders never proposed any 90% tax, he only mentioned it was acceptable after a discussion. It was after they discussed Eisenhower’s 92% tax rate. And that would only be on the top 1%, not hard working Americans.

      • I hope this last comment was your best shot even as weak as it was. I will reply and then we are done with this discussion. As for the library of Alexandria, that was over 2000 years ago and it is believed to have been destroyed by Muslim conquest of Egypt or Caesar’s conquest in 48 BC. As I understand it whoever burned it totally wiped out their 300 BC computers so some of the facts are a bit foggy. I hear and read about all of those illustrious contributions by Africans and Middle Easterners every day. Most recently Ebola, Boko Haram, ISIS, AIDS, ETC. Regarding South Africa, in 1652 the Europeans founded a colony in South Africa. It was controlled and prospered under the control of the Dutch for the most part, the British had some involvement. The country didn’t go to hell until Mandela took over. Since Mandela took over it has become just another African Ghetto where no one is safe. The blacks have been killing white land owners for years now, farmers in particular. Mandela’s X-wife Winnie was a jewel. She endorsed the practice of necklacing (burning people alive using tires and gasolene) by saying: “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country”. Such a fine person. I’m sure as a Socialist you are very concerned about the coal industry so I am very surprised you even mentioned South Africa’s export of coal. 3.8 billion in gold is chump change. Feudalism was popular in medieval Europe from the 9th through the 15th century. I could be wrong but I believe that your hero Lenin was born in 1870. World war one is the reason Russia’s economy was in ruin prior to Lenin’s ascent to power. Lenin also opened the door for Joseph Stalin to assume power and kill tens of millions under your beloved Socialism. His own people. I suggest you stop sniffing fairy dust, get rid of your unicorn and live in the real world. We are done.

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