I’m Sick Of Ingrates

Unless you are a complete idiot you have to know that Obama, the Clintons, Holder, and all the rest of the people connected to this criminal administration are nothing but lying crooks. They are not “public servants”. Never have been and never will be. For that matter, with few exceptions republicans are crooks too. They write laws but exempt themselves. They led us to believe that if the house and senate were controlled by republicans with the “power of the purse” in congress things would be different. Can you name one thing that is different? No you can’t. There are way too many stupid people in this country, and with our education system being Socialist it will only get worse.

I picked cotton in the hot Alabama sun when I was a kid and I believe that should be a prerequisite to holding any office at any level in this country. I’m sick of these parasites feeding off of the public. Picking cotton would show them what work really is. Most of the people in congress are wealthy before they get there and if they aren’t they get rich quick after they arrive. Don’t forget insider trading was legal for them until recently. It is also legal for them to see to it that family and friends as well as contributors get large government contracts. This whole government has become nothing more than a scam aimed at screwing white people upon who’s back this country was built and defended through two world wars. Yeah I said that. I am also sick of people who are taken care of from cradle to grave and still being ingrates who do nothing but complain. This “racism” crap is just that, crap. If you are a minority black, Mexican, Muslim, or whatever and you don’t appreciate all of the undeserved benefits you get feel free to kiss my butt and leave. If free food, clothing, housing, medical care, education, and even cell phones aren’t good enough for you, LEAVE. We won’t miss you. It would sure be cheaper for us to send you back to Africa, Mexico, or the Muslim country you left than to keep supporting you. You are also the groups that breed like animals. Humans procreate animals breed. You people can’t even support yourself, but I guess because you don’t work you have plenty of energy to breed, and after all if you aren’t working you have nothing better to do.

I have never done anything for someone to get a “thank you”. I do things for people because I want to or because it’s the right thing to do. At the same time I will do nothing for an ingrate, and even less for someone who complains because they want more or because they think I haven’t done enough. If you are “African” American and don’t like it here get Louis Gates to help you find your “roots” in Africa and hit the road to the jungle. If you are Mexican and don’t like it here go back to Mexico and peek their lettuce. If you are Muslim just go to any other country, but please get out of here. I’m sure we can arrange transportation if you need it as long as you promise to not come back.

Thanks I needed to say that. Maybe now my head won’t explode.


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  1. Well said! and thank’s for saying it.

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