Retire Cornyn

Several election cycles ago (2010) I ran across a candidate that truly excited me for the first time in years – Les Phillip in N Alabama. He was running for Congress and he should have won however, his campaign imploded on itself due to his own choices. I had poured my heart and soul into this race, went way out on limb getting folks to support him not just locally but nationally and his throwing it all away discouraged me so much I pretty much refused to get more than superficially involved in any other campaign since. I have become extremely cynical about the quality of candidates and politicians we have. While I supported Ted Cruz I admit I didn’t do all I could have-I did superficial things but I did not get emotionally vested in his campaign. After Les I promised myself no more emotional investment in a campaign. Last weekend changed that.
Several months ago here in Texas I decided I couldn’t in good conscience vote for John Cornyn. I didn’t like him before he jabbed the knife in Ted Cruz but after he twisted that very same knife I knew I couldn’t even hold my nose and vote for him, so I went Senator shopping. There is a lot of want to be Senators on the Texas shelf this year. As we all know a Senator’s JOB is to represent the state-well to me Texas is best represented by a Texan not some imported person with dual loyalties-what is good for Michigan or PA may not be good for Texas. So this knocked a couple out of the running right off. Then I started reading and listening to speeches, went and sat in back, observed how they carried themselves and their message. One candidate out shined them by a long distance, Dwayne Stovall. I found myself actually getting excited, I volunteered finally for his campaign, helped out some on twitter with retweets, Facebook, etc. Once again helping but staying superficial. Then by a fluke turn on events I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with Dwayne and Kathy Stovall.
After this last weekend-I am in this race heart and soul. This candidate is real, his family is real (I’ll even forgive that his oldest daughter goes to University of Alabama and a son at UT which being an Aggie is tough to swallow), his wife is absolutely wonderful-she is biggest asset he has outside his strong stance on the 10th Amendment. The circumstances of the weekend brought together an interesting bunch –there were 2 Libertarians, 1 I lean Democrat, 1 I lean Republican but mostly Democrat and 1 full blown Wendy Davis supporter type (she actually told me she hoped as a woman I would vote Davis but that is another story), by the end of the weekend there were 4 new Stovall voters-including the Wendy Davis supporter. Dwayne is so able to articulate conservative values that he actually persuaded liberals to come over from the dark side. More important they were unable to bait him into stupid comments or into getting frustrated. We have seen a lot of conservative candidates go down in last 4 years to foot in mouth disease. The discussions were casual, unscripted and just like a bunch of friends sitting around chatting, yet he was able to use conservative principals and the 10th Amendment to actually reach liberals. I am telling you I was impressed. We need someone that can articulate our values in such a way to reach everyone not just like minded folks.
Please fellow Texans we are being offered an option, we don’t have to send John Cornyn back-he is Mitch McConnell’s gopher. Yes Matt might take down Mitch but remember if he does John Cornyn is likely to become Minority Leader and this is a scary thought to me. Cornyn has already proven his lack of loyalty to Texas and Texas voters-10 to 1 we told him not to vote for Cloture.
Dwayne offers the opportunity to elect a Texan that has integrity and determination that is honest, articulate and stands proud of being a Texan. We will never have to wonder if Texas comes first with Dwayne Stovall.
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