It All Works Out

I was in the insurance business for thirty years, mostly selling group health insurance. I am retired but still have the designations of CLU and RHU. RHU stands for registered health underwriter. I am familiar with all aspects of health insurance and I have forgotten more than obama, his appointees, and congress know. I defy anyone to name one person who is legally in this country who has died from being denied healthcare or from starvation. The United States of America developed the greatest healthcare system in the world now it is being destroyed by communists. I hear politicians talking about a “failed healthcare system” or “a system that needs to be fixed” and I can’t help but wonder what they are talking about. They live in a fantasy world. People from all over the world come here for medical care because we have the best doctors and hospitals in the world. People who don’t have health insurance because they can’t afford it or because they are not responsible and refuse to buy it were not refused care. If they couldn’t afford it they could usually get Medicaid. If they were irresponsible bankruptcy may have been their only option, but bad things happen to people who refuse to take responsibility, and bankruptcy isn’t the end of the world. It is a fresh start and hopefully a good lesson about being responsible.

The bottom line is that our healthcare system was fine. As for pre-existing conditions there has always been a state high risk pool for people who had conditions develop when they had no insurance. There is also COBRA ( consolidated omnibus budget reduction act) for people coming off of employer sponsored group health insurance plans to keep them from losing their healthcare or to help them transition to other coverage.

Obamacare is not, was not, and never will be about healthcare. It is about control, it is about redistribution of wealth, and it is as communist as it gets. I am convinced that anyone who supports obama, or any other democrat is either communist or incredibly stupid. There are no other options. I also submit that obama is about as Christian as Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, or Hugo Chavez. He sat in a so-called church were “black liberation theology” was preached. Black liberation theology has nothing to do with Christian beliefs, it is a form of communist thinking that is destructive to society. It preaches hate, racism, and bigotry. Obama and all of his communist supporters have one thing in common. They want to destroy this country, and the takeover of our healthcare system is the major step in that direction. It is sad that so many ignorant people believe his lies (and that’s all he does). Ignorance is not limited to uneducated people. The vast majority of college professors and the students they brainwash are ignorant beyond belief. They are taught to admire despots like Che, Castro, and Mao just to name a few. Their bible was written by Karl Marx and to Marxism they will ever be true. College is a theoretical world where all things can be made to work on paper, but it no longer prepares young people for the real world. They are taught that science trumps God, that profit is a one of the worst words in the English language, and that Capitalism which made this the richest country in the world is to be destroyed at all costs. They learn to champion homosexuals, secularism, state-ism, abortion and so many other immoral activities and perversions.

I have worked since I was twelve years old to support conservative principles, and the values that made this country great, but now I’m tired. I am doing my best to divorce myself from all of this secular mess and devote my time and life to Christ so I can stand before God forgiven and at peace. If you buy into this push for secularism I feel sorry for you, but more importantly I feel sorry for people who are suffering because of your decision. Life is not “fair”. It is not supposed to be. This country offered equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. Not everyone who tries succeeds, but at least in this once great country you had a chance. One thing I have learned over the years is that “it all works out”. Another thing I have learned is that greed is a terrible thing whether it is greed for money or power it will eventually destroy the person or people who are consumed by it.

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  1. Since I’ve worked both for Social Services and in a variety of health care providers’ practices, I certainly have known people who died while waiting for insurers to authorize life-saving procedures. This happens when people have chronic diseases, accidents, heart attacks or strokes too far away from a hospital ER, where such authorizations aren’t required. I also knew children in the inner city who died from conditions made acute by malnutrition. But you didn’t know these people, so if I understand the tone of your article correctly, you wouldn’t be inclined to believe they existed.

    Let’s instead consider a much more common situation, one that even you will be able to admit happens. Uninsured people get in car accidents. They get treated at a non-profit hospital, but anyone employed and a certain percentage above the poverty level must still assume part of the cost, and the cost of treating a catastrophic trauma is high enough to force the patient’s family into bankruptcy.

    The biggest problem with our healthcare system is that it is reaching an unsustainable level of cost for some kinds of care. I really don’t know what will fix that, but other countries are getting better results for a lower per capita cost, and they have been getting those results for decades, ever since WW2 ended. Why are Americans so resistant to learning more about what they are doing right? It baffles me.

  2. I asked you to “name one person. You didn’t. Our healthcare was the best in the world until this Marxist president was elected. Other countries use abortion and euthanasia to control costs. Our healthcare was second to none. Our compassion for the uninsured was second to none, It isn’t about healthcare, but control.

    • Look, we have HIPAA laws, privacy laws, in case you weren’t aware. If we provide protected healthcare information to people not involved in the case, we can lose our licenses! So, no, I’m not going to name names for some anonymous pundit. You aren’t worthy of the knowledge.

      • I realize there are HIPAA laws and I also know that I said you couldn’t name one and you can’t. You remind me of my wife’s brother-in-law. He’s a liberal too. As far as worthiness goes you aren’t worthy to post on this site but I allow it because I KNOW there is no danger of you disputing any thing I said with facts.

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