I Told You So

It’s rare that I am at a loss for words. The issue isn’t really a loss of words I suppose. The issue is where to start because so many things that are going on are beyond belief and common sense.

Maybe a place to start is the phrase “we are a nation of laws”. That may have been true at some point but it sure as hell isn’t anymore. We have laws that say it is illegal to cross our borders without the proper paperwork. Our constitution says laws must be passed by congress. The oath of office for the presidency requires the president to uphold the constitution of the United States. Fact is the Communists who are running this country choose which laws they will enforce which is blatantly illegal. obama unilaterally passes laws which is illegal. Look, obama’s Kenyan father, his mother (porn queen), his grandparents, his mentor (frank marshall davis), and all of his adult associates were or are Communists and or criminals. He told us he was going to “fundamentally change” this country. Given his history what the hell did people expect?

I guess we got what some voters asked for but the thing I can’t understand is why when the president does things that are over the top illegal where the hell are the conservatives? I hate RINOs passionately at least with the Communist democrats you know what to expect. RINOs use every opportunity to vote for and with the Communists all the while lying their asses off to their voters. RINOs are like someone you thought was a good friend who is screwing your wife behind your back. They are the lowest form of life in politics. I don’t expect RINOs to do anything but I do expect the conservatives to respond.

It has been over a year since the obama sanctioned murders of four people in Benghazi, it has been over two years since the IRS scandal, it has been over three years since “Fast and Furious”, and Brian Terry’s murder, and on and on. Richard Nixon looks like a saint compared to Communist obama and yet there have been no select committees to deal with any of this. It is insane.

Muslims have taken over sections of cities in this country, all supported by welfare and cranking out babies as fast as they can. Illegal Mexicans are doing the same thing and what is being done about it? NASA is being used for so-called Muslim out reach. Where is the Baptist out reach, the Catholic out reach, and all the other religious groups. Keep in mind obama said he would stand with the Muslims if push came to shove. He claims to be Christian, but he is a liar so he isn’t believable. His so-called pastor j wright is nothing less than an evil Communist who spewed hateful venom week after week. He espoused “black liberation theology”. Black liberation theology is not, has not, and never will be Christian according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is nothing more than a means to blame white people for all of the problems of black people. Most of said problems these days are in fact caused by black people. Blacks and liberals (Communists) complain about the incarceration rates among blacks. Do they ever stop to consider that people are supposed to be held responsible for their actions? They refuse to learn to speak proper English and bitch about the education system and the fact that they can’t get jobs. I have known many second generation legal Mexicans who speak perfect English but blacks have been here four hundred years and refuse to speak well. I’ve been to many gun shows and stores over the years. I don’t recall seeing any black teenagers at any of them. The guns they use to commit murder are not legally purchased but stolen. They listen to people like jay-z and lil wayne spew garbage about drugs and they follow like these people were the pied piper. Jay-z recently said he learned about business by dealing drugs.

As the saying goes “you can’t fix stupid”, and the stupid people are trashing this country and taking us with them and at this point there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. There isn’t much satisfaction in say “I told you so”.

Capitals are intentionally not use as a sign of disrespect.

By the way I believe all racist organizations should never receive a penny of tax payer dollars. Groups such as NAACP-PPH-CBC-LARAZA, etc.

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  1. History will not be kind to this POTUS Provided we survive his reign of terror. 1st step will be to legalize the Constitution…

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