An Open Letter to john boehner

john boehner,

I remember watching you take the gavel from pelosi. You cried. Every conservative in this country should have cried alligator tears-not with you but because of you. We The People did not elect you to be Speaker of the House. We each only get to vote for one of the 435 members of congress and beyond that there isn’t much we can do before the next election. They elected you not us. The thing is john the only thing you really care about is the gavel, and you will do anything that you think will help you keep it. You don’t give a damn about this country or the people in it or the burdens that are being put on us. It’s all about the gavel. There is only one Speaker of the House gavel in the world and you own it for now.

The democrats have made a complete ass of you and many other so-called republicans. Remember they increased our taxes john with your help. What did we get in return? Nothing but more spending. See, what you are too stupid to understand is that democrats don’t like you and they never will. There is an old saying that everyone has heard, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. You may think when these democrats invite you to dinner or a party it’s because they like you. Trust me john they don’t like you but they know they can use you, and at this point it appears you are a willing participant.

You have kissed obama’s ass so many times your lips are turning black. Every idiot republican who thinks they can get the black vote is insane. The same goes for the hispanic (whatever that means) vote. 90% of blacks voted for obama and I would be willing to bet 50% don’t even know who the VP is. What you people don’t understand john is that the important thing is not your gavel it is not even about winning elections-it’s about principles. If you change your principles to get elected what good are you. If that is your attitude you can register as a democrat. Instead of figuring out ways to kiss black and hispanic’s asses when they are not going to vote for you anyway, why don’t you man up and concentrate on conservative principles. Live them, vote them, preach them, and you can, and will win elections. I believe if you people would close our borders totally for one year (at least) and get a grip on this illegal immigration and the ones who are here and need to be deported that at some point in the future it could be possible to get the hispanic vote. At this point a “path to citizenship” is a path to the welfare office.

John, there have been at least two occasions where a select committee should have been appointed to investigate crimes. You john have let obama and eric holder get away with breaking the law on fast and furious and supplying the gun that murdered a border patrol agent in the process. Do you ever wonder how Brian Terry’s family feels about you or the millions of us for which there is no justice in the white house. Thousands of people died because of the ignorance of obama and holder and Fast and Furious but you just let it slide. John last I heard 117 republican congressmen want a select committee to investigate Benghazi as well as millions of us out here in the real world. You oppose a committee. What the hell is wrong with you. I have been lied to many times in my life. I’ve known some really good liars, but when clinton, obama, and the rest tell me the Benghazi attack was the result of a video, that’s not a lie. That’s pissing on my head and trying to convince me it’s raining. The entire Libyan war should have had a select committee too. You allowed obama to usurp congressional power.

You are helping the democrats lead this country off a cliff from which it will never recover. john, kissing everyone’s ass won’t help you keep your precious gavel. Being a man without principles won’t help you either. At some point a principled person has to stand up and say this is what I believe and if you don’t like it kiss my ass. Maybe part of your problem is that obama and holder are black and you fear up setting black folks. I don’t think I would spend too much time on that one john, the young urban blacks wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. Neither would anyone from the congressional black caucus.

john I have a few final thoughts about you. You need to stop crying and man up to what you are. You need to quit drinking. Since you can’t handle your job you need to pass the gavel someone who can. That is the honorable thing to do and it would save you more embarrassment.

I do not use capital letters in the names of people for whom I have no respect.

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