1.6 Billion Rounds By DHS

So much shit makes no sense, and why we are putting up with it makes even less sense. The DHS has ordered 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. That’s enough to fight the Iraq war for twenty years. When asked what they are buying it for by various members of congress DHS has refused to answer and basically told them to go to hell. Everything this communist government does has to be dragged out of them like pulling teeth. What the hell does DHS expect an invasion by Canadians? I know they aren’t worried about being invaded by Mexicans because that happens everyday with their blessing. Even cops can’t buy ammunition because it’s all being gobbled up by DHS or they are keeping manufacturers so busy with their orders they can’t get to others. Since this ammunition is being bought with our tax dollars it f&&*ing amazes me that answers aren’t forth coming immediately. When ammunition does become available the cost will be prohibitive at best. I think cops waste an incredible amount of ammo anyway. Let them reload like private shooters have to do. If they had to reload as opposed to just collecting their brass and passing it off to someone else to reload they might not be so excited about wasting it.

There is no reasonable common sense answer to why they want so much ammunition. That’s enough ammo to shoot every citizen multiple times. Unlike many I don’t believe they intend to use it on citizens and there is no invasion to stop other than on our southern border, which they have no intention of stopping so why are they buying 1.6 billion rounds? My best guess is some warped path to gun control. One reason that is my guess is because they won’t tell us why they are spending our money in this way and these damn communists want gun control so badly they can taste it.

Why are we taking this shit? The list of corruption by our dictator-in-chief and his cronies is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone of us needs to go to our congressional representatives office and demand answers. If we don’t get answers we need to picket their offices and run their asses out of congress. We have let this go too far already. I never thought I would hear a secretary of state get pissed off during a congressional hearing and ask “what difference does it make” when referring to how and why four Americans were slaughtered in our foreign embassy. Between DHS, EPA, HHS, and IRS just to name a few we might soon be better off in Cuba. I am sorry for the anger on my part and the language, but there are times when you have to say something or your head will explode!!

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  1. Why are we taking this shit? The list of corruption by our dictator-in-chief and his cronies is absolutely ridiculous. Well said! And I for one am sick of this crap .

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