The Communist In The White House

We have a bastard in the WH who wants to destroy this country. That was in fact his father’s dream. He is a communist. He was raised by communists, mentored by a communist, and chose communists as his friends. He is full of hate. Truman was president when I was born and at least since then there has never been a more evil person in the WH. He is drunk with power, and money that he controls but does not belong to him. He has never liked this country. To him, in his fantasy world this country has taken resources from third world countries through colonialism and other methods while not paying for them. So all of the evil that has been visited upon these countries is our fault and it is as he perceives it his job to make reparations. Facts make no difference to obama or for that matter to most “black leaders”. I never have figured out why they are called leaders. Makes no sense. At best they have led black people in a virtual circular firing squad, but I digress. One thing I will give communists credit for is patience. The path this country is on started at least one hundred years ago with woodrow wilson. Many would argue it started with Teddy Roosevelt. The bottom line is they have never lost sight of their vision, and it was a very complicated vision. It required control of labor via unions, education also by union control. It required the rewriting of history and the dumbing down of the voting class of people in this country. Almost everything bad in this country can be traced to academia. Our universities are nothing more than a breeding ground for communists.

The immediate goal for obama is to regain control of the House of Representatives in 2014. One can go back and look at every communist president since wilson and they all accomplished at least one major piece of legislation during their tenure. They each put a building block in place, and it was whatever the people of their day would tolerate. President johnson commented “niggers will be voting democrat for the next two hundred years” because of his contribution to communism. Black people have been convinced democrats like them. Nothing could be farther from the truth. obama’s legacy piece of legislation is healthcare and as far as social programs go it is the last major building block. There are other issues that are very important to the communists in this country but with healthcare in place and with the devastation it will cause with the economy they will get the other issues passed soon.

The long term goal really hasn’t changed from day one. The destruction of the constitution is the ultimate goal and they are well on their way to getting that done. Their goal is to make it a “living” document that they can change to suit their needs. This country makes George Orwell look like a genius or at least a prophet.

I look at all of the things obama has gotten away with and it is nothing short of amazing. He can do anything he wants and just blow it off as if it never happened. I don’t need to name them all because if you don’t know what they are you’re ignorant. I will mention two. Benghazi and Fast and Furious. The reason I mention these is because Americans died in both cases, and not one damn thing has been done. Folks I remember Watergate and no one drown there. Nixon didn’t order or participate in the burglary. He tried to cover it up by lying. To avoid being removed from office by congress he resigned. I want to know when congress is going to confront obama. Americans have died and as to how or why hillary clinton sat in front of congress and said “what difference does it make”. eric holder gets held in contempt of congress and what happens? Nothing!! Well bitch it makes a difference to me and holder’s ass should be in jail. I started first grade with blacks in 1956 I wasn’t afraid of them then and I’m sure as hell not afraid of them now. I guess that makes me a minority among white people. I never thought I would live in a country where it’s fine to take God’s name in vain, but you can be ostracized for using the word nigger, or illegal alien.

For those of you who are weak or PC just keep puckering those lips and kissing ass. As for me any liberal, progressive, Marxist, communist or whatever can kiss MY ass. I want congress to do their job and get these people the hell out of DC. ( I don’t use capital letters a sign of disrespect )


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