Social Securty Is A Ponzi Scheme

I will be the first to admit that Social Security is by definition a Ponzi scheme. It was after all started by one of our worst socialist presidents (FDR). Now it is called an “entitlement” program and this is where I have a real problem. SSI (Social Security Supplemental Income) is an entitlement (welfare). I paid into Social Security for over forty years and most of those years I paid the maximum based on income. I was self employed so I had to pay double what my employes paid and half of their SS on top of my own. It was not an option for me because I wasn’t in one of the select groups who can opt out of SS. We can banter back and forth about the Social Security Trust Fund, but at the end of the day the money winds up in the general fund and is spent on government waste the same as the rest of OUR money. I didn’t start the Ponzi scheme but I was forced to participate or go to jail. Bernie Madoff owes a lot of people a lot of money and so does the federal government. Both were (are) running Ponzi schemes. The only real difference is Madoff went to jail. Look, the fact is I paid in thousands of dollars over the years and I am owed that money plus interest. The government is in debt to me, not the other way around. SSI is paid to people many of whom never paid a penny into Social Security. That is called welfare. I hate to admit it but I know several people who receive SSI. One who comes to mind made hundreds of thousands of dollars and just never filed an income tax return during his working years. When these self created crisis’s arise the very first people obama threatens with cuts are the people who worked their entire life, paid into the system, and did all of the right things. He makes sure he never mentions the blood sucking leaches who didn’t pay anything.

Medicare, and medicaid are two programs not understood by enough people. If you are in the mediCARE program either you or a spouse worked and paid into that program. If you are in the medicAID program you are on welfare. Think of the word aid when you think about the difference in the two programs. Again when threats of cutting programs are made by obama it’s always medicare. He never mentions medicaid being cut. I didn’t ask to be in the medicare program, again I was forced by the government. This program was also started by a Socialist president LBJ. These programs vary to some extent by state, but in the state of Indiana the people on medicAID get far better coverage (free) than people in the mediCARE program who have been paying into it for years.

When I pay for something it is owed to me, period. So damn those who say retired people who lived and played by the rules are a burden to society. Had it not been for those people there would be no society. There would be only chaos which is where we are heading. The ones who feel entitled are the ones who have never worked for a damn thing in their life. They are the ones who use and sell crack and heroin, wind up in prison, after they have fathered five or six kids, and we are stuck with the bill for paying for their incarceration and their kids. Just think how much illegal mexicans cost the American tax payer every year for medicAID, foodstamps, housing, and incarceration.

All of this BS was not part of the deal with Social Security or mediCARE. When I make a deal I honor it even if it hurts and I expect the same from someone who makes a deal with me. I don’t know if this country can or will recover from eight years of obama and the rest of these idiot Socialists. I pray the young people have the will power to take this country back.

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  1. I Agree , Pay in for 20 years or more Before you are allowed to touch it. None of this crap of “welcome to America here’s your free $hit”


    I agree with every word in this article. It is well written, coherent. As a woman I realized another insult that men don’t have to contend with. My social security check was never as large as my husbands and it was several years after his death before my check ever reached the same dollar amount as his was years before he died…

    I’m 85 years young so I too paid into the “Ponzi Scheme” for many years. However, I do believe that in order for me to be able to pass it on to another patriot, (as I would love to do) it should honor the person who wrote it with that person’s name !!!

    Ina M. Plympton

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