I’m Still Pissed Off

There was a time (before 2008) when any American citizen abroad could expect help from our embassies regardless of the problem they might have. Any American kidnapped or harmed in any way could expect the full weight of the United States government to be behind them to bring a resolution to their issue. Now they allow islamist idiots to murder government workers while they watch. They argue about whether a muslim murder at Fort Hood should be allowed to have a beard in the court room. I guess some liberal fools call this justice. I call it bull shit.

I’m sure most people would call me a racist, bigoted, homophobic. By todays standards I am, and I couldn’t be more proud. I’m racist and a bigot because I’m sick of the true racists (jesse jackson, al sharpton, et al) making excuses for blacks who refuse to learn and speak correctly the English language. I am sick of the excuse making for the black incarceration rate and the recidivism rate. I realize that perhaps some white people may get off easier, but the fact is if they didn’t commit crimes none of them would be in jail. You can have over one hundred blacks gathered in a closed gas station parking lot at 4:00 AM on a weekend. There’s a shooting and not one of the people saw a thing. You can’t make this crap up, but I am a racist and a bigot for not ignoring it, or for not making a lame excuse for people who violate the law and common sense. I’m also a racist because I disagree with allowing this country to be over run by mexicans who come here illegally while proudly waving their mexican flag as they hold marches to let us know how badly we and our country suck while they devour our social services like animals. I want our borders closed and that is really not that big of a deal. All you need to do is make the consequences of being caught crossing illegally more than the reward. That’s how we raise our children (consequence out weighs reward) so it isn’t that complicated. The cost of these illegals far out weighs any benefit they might bring to this country. Prior to the passage of the Hart-Celler act back in the sixties people who migrated to this country had to have a skill to offer the US or they were not allowed in. Now it’s all determined by ethnicity which means send us your dumb and poor and we will add them to our welfare rolls.

I am probably considered homophobic because I don’t believe in equal rights for unequal situations. I refuse to accept that homosexual marriage is right and should be sanctioned by the government. What’s next? Polygamy, perhaps your favorite sheep? Once you open that door where do you draw the line as to who can walk through? I happen to like brunettes with great legs. I can’t help that and I can’t change it, but I don’t try to bed down everyone I see. I don’t believe we can help what turns us on (so to speak) but I know we can choose how we react to the things that turn us on. Fact is responsible people don’t wind up with STDs. The number of HIV cases among blacks and homosexuals is staggering and getting worse by the day.

As I write this there is a so-called by partisan group of senators working on what they call immigration reform (most people call it amnesty). This group includes chuck schumer, dick durbin, and robert menendez. These are three of the most radical left wing socialists in Washington. On the republican side you have john mccain and lindsey graham who are cookie cutter RINOs. Republicans feel the need to kiss mexican ass. I guess the morons can’t figure out they are never going to get the black or mexican vote no matter what they do and even if they could figure out a way to get that vote it would cost them whatever principles they have left so why bother.

The people who built this country are dying out and the ones who are hell bent on bringing it to it’s knees are breeding like cockroaches. Speaking of breeding like cockroaches let’s not forget the muslims (religion of peace) who want to kill us. Each one of these people represent a vote for socialist democrats so they will keep the welfare faucet o until the well runs dry and when it does run dry there will be riots like this country has never seen before. By the way when is the last time you heard of a white riot in this country. Opps there goes the racist again pointing out facts.

Never thought I would say this but I can’t think of one politician that I respect and that’s sad.

I don’t capitalize out of disrespect.

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  2. Ted Cruz hasn’t lost his balls yet, he was quick to call Marco Amnesty Rubio out…..there is also a lot of great AG around the country with Greg Abbott leading the way…..& a few scattering of Governors that aren’t bending over yet. It is a shame that Paul lost his balls over Kerry.

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