Gun Confiscation

With all of the interest in “gun control” this year, and the tax situation I was doing some thinking. I have seen a lot of people saying they would stand up to the government if they tried to take their weapons. Sorry but I don’t believe it. I wish it was true but it isn’t.

If you see cops pull into your neighbor’s drive way it’s a natural curiosity to wonder what’s going on, but I doubt that most people will go over and ask until the cops leave. Let’s assume those cops have a warrant signed by a judge allowing them to take your neighbor’s guns from him even though it violates the second amendment of the constitution. Let’s also assume he calls you and tells you what is going on, he tells you his rights are being violated and he needs you to bring your gun and come over to help him. Real police cars, lights flashing, real jack booted cops. Be honest with yourself you aren’t going to help him. You’re going to stay in your house out of sight and hope you aren’t next on their list. I’m not trying to put anyone down or even call them a coward. I’m just looking at human nature for what it is. Self preservation is at the top of every ones list whether we want to admit it or not.

I was audited by the IRS a few years back. That was three of the most miserable days of my working life. It was interesting though because all my friends wanted to know all of the gory details but no one offered any type of help or encouragement. For three days none of them stopped by my office to say hello, kiss my ass, or anything else. It was like I had a dark cloud over my head and they wanted no part of it. No guilt by association I guess.

I think some people envision a massive war when “they” come for our guns but that’s not the way it will work. There won’t be any real resistance because they will divide and conquer. One day you’ll be watching your neighbor losing his legal weapons and the next day you will be losing yours. When I look at all of the rights we have already lost without much protest and certainly no violent protest, I just don’t see much happening when they come for our guns.

Not everyone is a Randy Weaver (Ruby Ridge). He had the guts to stand up to the feds but it cost him his wife and son. Can you really say you will fight it out leaving dead cops in your yard? Not really. When the time comes most people will be like sheep being lead to the slaughter. I can honestly say I will not be one of the sheep. I’ve thought about it and some things are worth dying for. Don’t misunderstand if I die protecting my rights it won’t help anyone else. I suggest before you talk about them prying your gun from your cold dead hand you give it some honest consideration. It’s not a pretty picture that we are facing, and it’s not going to get better.

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