Republican Cowards

I am amazed by the ignorance and cowardice of the republicans in the Senate and Congress. We might as well make obama our dictator by default. Reasonable people can compromise, but obama and the democrats are not reasonable people. obama decides how it’s going to be and that’s that. Republicans have become experts at making excuses for being cowards. The ONLY reason the republicans won’t fight is because they fear not being reelected. Every man who signed “The Declaration Of Independence” risked everything up to and including their “Sacred Honor” which meant more to them than their lives which they also risked and some lost. George Washington warned that “party” politics would be the ruin of this country over two hundred years ago and he was right. The next time I hear a republican say “my friend harry reid” I’m gonna barf.

Eight years is a long time. Eight years ago George Bush got reelected to his second term. That seems like an eternity. After eight years of obama it’s really hard to imagine what this country will look like, but it won’t be good. The biggest problem is that all we get from republicans is lip service. They should be doing everything under the sun to stop this insanity, but they worry about reelection while our country is being destroyed. I guess I am from a time when principles mattered, a time when people had principles, when they understood what honor meant, and their word was truly their bond. I suppose in one regard I can’t blame these republicans. What they are doing does keep getting them reelected. Lugar of IN (defeated and replaced by a democrat) and Hatch of Utah were both first elected in 1977 (35 years ago). Cochran MS 1978, and many others have been there since they rode dinosaurs to work in DC.

obama and the democrats are pissing on republicans heads and convincing them it’s raining, and they are willing to accept that as long as they get reelected. I guess the money and the perks are worth it to them.

You should be able to read a parties platform and decide from that what if any your party affiliation will be. Fact is you can’t do that with republicans. They speak with forked tongue. There is also an abundance of ignorance in the republican party. Every two years politicians debate abortion. That non-issue sunk at least two republican senatorial candidates in 1212. The reason it’s a non-issue is because it’s not going to be changed ever. Abortion is an abomination, it is murder, and it is sinful, but it’s not going to change. Democrats using abortion to defeat republicans isn’t going to change either. Most people step in dog crap, wipe their shoe off and keep going. Republicans must really enjoy the smell because they just keep stepping in it at every opportunity.

I watch and listen to these idiots in DC and I don’t feel like anyone represents my positions on much of anything anymore. I suppose if you live long enough that’s what happens. I am encouraged by some of the younger people I talk to. I hope that is justified.

One last thought. Since this countries founding white people have been the majority. That time frame includes the industrial revolution, the technical revolution, aviation etc. In about twenty years whites will be a minority, and a hated minority at that. Just a thought. Draw your own conclusions.

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