The Liberals Have Won

I’m done. I have spent the last fifty years of my life advocating conservative positions. I am now sixty three years old and I concede. This country will not recover from the next four years with a marxist in the White House, a marxist senate and a marxist media. As great as this nation has been there isn’t a nation on earth that can withstand the treason being perpetrated against it.

This whole marxist mess really got started by woodrow wilson. He was an advocate of a “living constitution”. He advocated the “League of Nations” which became the UN. He instituted many liberal philosophies that continue today.

The next wave of marxism came under fdr. He started so many liberal scams it would take volumes of books to list them all. He started Social Security in 1936.
Social Security is by definition nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. People got alone just fine for hundreds of years with out Social Security.

The next was lyndon johnson. He got “The Great Society” crap passed at warp speed which included Medicare, and a host of other liberal policies. Again remember older people got along just fine for hundreds of years with out Medicare. The Hart-Celler act was also passed during his administration has which caused all of our immigration problems.

The next was jimmy carter. Need I say more.

Now we have the most blatant marxist of our history in the White House. With the passage of obamacare comes the end of the republic.

With all of the liberal programs that have been made law since wilson was president the weight for this country to bear has just become too great to continue as a republic. I also lay the blame for this catastrophe at the feet of republicans and anyone else in Washington DC. I see everyone bitching but I sure don’t see anyone standing up and risking their elected ass for honor, or for what’s right. Just looking at recent events is a good example of where we are at. obama has issued executive orders disallowing the AG from defending Defense of Marriage Act which is a law passed by congress. What did congress do about it? He also issued an executive order allowing the Dream Act which had been rejected by congress. They did nothing. obama is ruling by edict and no one is doing a damn thing about it. He, and his Attorney General are breaking laws on a daily basis ( Fast and Furious, Black Panthers, Benghazi, and so many others) and no one is doing anything about it. We elect people to represent us in DC, but once they get there either they are perverted by those already in power or they assume the attitude that we can kiss their asses.

Frankly, at this point I no longer give a damn what they do or don’t do. I have worried about my children and grand children’s future, but I am done worrying. There is nothing more I can do. I am going to do my best to enjoy what ever time I have left. I have earned that. I am tired of fighting a losing battle (war). Academia, and the media are all liberals and I can’t change that. We send our children to school to be brain washed by NEA advocates. The kids can’t read at a third grade level but they can tell you anything you want to know about global warming, whales, delta smelt, coal, etc. The teachers are paid by our tax dollars but are we doing anything about this mess? Hell no!! Our liberties have been eroded by every agency of the federal government for years. If the IRS goes after a friend do we jump in and help or at least stand with him and make sure he gets treated fairly? Hell no. We run and hide and hope it doesn’t become guilt by association. We act like we don’t know him. Same thing with the TSA. These perverts can do anything they want to without answering to anyone. Did you ever stop to think if they are groping grandma or a nun maybe everyone in the airport should all walk over and say you have two choices, leave her alone or spend time in the hospital after we kick your ass, and walk her to the plane. No things like that are never considered because we are all in a “cover our own ass” mode and these government agencies have put us there. I wish people had the good sense to realize the government with consent of the governed can only do what we allow them to do. I wish people had the guts to stand up and demand that government be accountable. Fact is we don’t have the balls. Those who do have the balls are like me. They just don’t give a damn about fighting a loosing battle. The liberals have won, and they will regret it just like the 60-70 million mao killed and the millions stalin killed, but right now they are still useful idiots. I suppose as far back as recorded history goes there have been people who tried to fix things that weren’t broken, and the beat goes on.

I refuse to capitalize the names of people I have no respect for.

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  1. God Bless the USA we loved, our Constitution and Forefathers. Also thank God I got the chance to see some of it’s greatness before the Democrat lunacy completely infested. I almost feel like giving up, but I still have some breath remaining. So I will use it to make any and every Left Wing Democrat Socialist life I meet, as miserable as I can. AMEN!

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