I No Longer Pledge Allegiance

I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

I started 1st grade in 1956. One of the first things we learned was this pledge. I’m sure I have said it thousands of times. As of today I totally renounce this pledge because it is meaningless. The states are no longer united. The country is no longer a Republic. We as a nation have renounced God and are no longer “under God”. We are more divided now than we have ever been including during the civil war. We no longer have the liberty and freedoms we were given by the founding documents. Justice under the law has been replaced with “social justice”, and that is not “for all”, but for only a few.

This country is now run by evil people with evil purposes. I chose to no longer participate. The rules have changed and I will change with them. I look at the states and people that were effected by the recent storm Sandy. In the past I would have probably been willing to offer financial help. Now I view it differently. New York and New Jersey voted to reelect a president who used them for a photo opportunity. Power line, and tree crews from Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Alabama were turned away after driving hundreds of miles to help restore power because they weren’t in a union. It reminds me of an old saying “poor planing on your part doesn’t create a crisis in my life”. The people in NY and New Jersey are getting exactly what they voted for. They are reaping what they have sown. I will save my sympathy for someone more deserving. I know many of you will think I am cold hearted and maybe I am, but I refuse to jump on the band wagon just because it is passing by without thinking things through.

I feel the same way about people who voted for obama in this election. If you find yourself starving to death four years from now and I have food I will have no sympathy for you, and I will protect what is mine with my life. I also want people to know I do not like liberals. I do not want them in my presence. I will not tolerate them. There are only two liberals in my extended family that I know of and neither are welcome at my home.

This country was founded by pissed off white folks from Europe. By far most of the immigrants coming to this country were from Europe during the 19th and early 20th century. They brought with them skills, trades, and a great work ethic. They are the ones who made this country great. They are the ones who made the pledge worth saying.

The liberals in this country have spent the last 100 years kissing minority asses and paying them off with your money for perceived wrongs done to them. It should go without saying that I do not like 95% of black people because they are liberals and they voted for obama. My question is other than entertainment and sports what the hell have blacks contributed to this country? What are their inventions? What is their contribution to medicine. I do know they have caused the creation of the welfare state, affirmative action, crime, and many other negative programs paid for with other peoples money. As for Mexicans (I’m not sure what hispanic or chicano means-I asked a Mexican and he didn’t know either) for the most part they will work and work hard, but other than agricultural labor and stoop labor where are their contributions to this country?

I have been thinking for some time how I would react if Romney lost. I guess I really started thinking about it when John Roberts became the most evil man in this country by approving obamacare. I realized when that happened there wasn’t much hope for this country. I will help family, and conservative friends. Other than that I will take all I can get and be as greedy as liberals. My priorities are simple. God, Family, Me.

I know this is a wandering rant, but it is time to tell the truth about what is going on, and I don’t mind doing it. Truth about how this country became great and lost it’s greatness. The truth about minorities, and the truth about what this country has become.

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  1. Hon I am right there with you. I truly am developing a real hatred for the north & west-it started when we offered help & they spit in our face, then they re-elect Obama. I am taking small solace from being able to tell Republicans that a RINO with a piss poor record couldn’t win-that they needed someone whose record dwarfted Obama without Romney’s baggage. Romney gave Obama a free pass on Benghazi-I don’t know Gov Perry would have won but I do KNOW he would have never turned his back on this & would have called Obama on it.

  2. Amen, brother. You and I will go to the mat together. I’m a patient man, and I’m an American. These people long ago crossed the line, but I was willing to give it one last try with this election. I’ve fought to the bitter end over the past four years trying to defend the principles of this country, and now I’m done. If the proper situation presents itself, I’ll fight to restore it. For now, though, I’m protecting me and mine.

  3. There are apparently way more of us “Liberal Leftys” than there are of you whiny assed “Radical Rightys”. You ain’t gonna do one thing but run your mouths while hiding behind your PC mouse. Don’t forget that on November 6, 2012 we voters declared YOU a minority. But if you had won, we never would’ve told you, you were not welcome in our home, or denied you food, or made statements dripping with hatred due to the color of another American’s skin. We don’t act like that. We are better than that. You lost because you just couldn’t get enough people to want to be like you – Thank God for that.

    • As is typical with liberals the first thing you did was call me a name. I know the truth and facts hurt liberals. Make no mistake, I don’t hide from anything, liberals in particular. I have never known of a more narcissistic or arrogant creature with less reason to be than a liberal. I worked hard for my home and my food. I will do with it as I please because I earned and I own it(I know “earned” and “own” are difficult terms for you to deal with). You say my statements are “dripping with hatred”. However I don’t see you responding to the very simple question I asked. Where is their contribution to this country? What I stated isn’t hate it is fact. I realize you sincerely believe ” We are better than that”. That’s part of your arrogance. Liberals are like children in so many ways. Both live by “feelings” not facts. You don’t even know why you feel the way you do. Your knowledge of history is nonexistent or consists of revisionist history at best. Talking to a liberal is like talking to a rock. You won the election. The country is now yours to finish destroying with my blessing. I am one of those wealthy former corporate owners that you hate so much. I will be fine regardless of what happens to this country. Just keep in mind you will reap what you sow.

      • Big words and Bullshit! That’s all – all of you are. And you know it. Your reply to my post is nothing air & water. I could go on all night but I’ll just hit a few of the high points – mainly because I’m having a glass of wine and it’s entertaining baiting you clowns, and definately is good stuff for cramming up your asses in 2016 when Biden runs…lol. Okay, I don’t answer racist questions. They are so far beneath me that I wouldn’t even know how to respond. They are God’s children you hyprocritical idiots!! You say I don’t know this & that. It’s kind of looking like maybe I do huh. You’re not a corporate millionaire. You know I’m a songwriter, and I can’t believe you didn’t pick up on me being a computer geek. Besides calling you a liar, I will soon call you by your first and last name, but not yet – let’s see whatcha got bad ass…I’m talking nerves of course…

      • As I have said talking to liberals is like talking to children. The only thing you can do is call me names. You as with all liberals can’t answer questions that require factual answers. You are boring me so this will be your last approved comment directed to me. If others want to deal with your childishness I may approve those.

    • Hey, Ron –
      Do you really believe the men who stood on the North Bridge at Concord – after 70 men at Lexington stood against an army of 700 – really did that so that they could be part of a centralized state?

      If I used words that are too big for you, I apologize; however, just try to respond without calling me a name or using vile language, which, I suspect, much like the freaks on Occupy Wall Street, is all that you’re capable of.


  4. What’s up with the Left these days, they win an election and all the sudden the rest of the Country is a minority. As if we’ve never had a democrat win or a Republican win in the past. Or as if neither party has ever won two terms. Ignorance abounds in the democrat party. It may be end of the Dim party after 4 more years of the buffoon Obama, once the hard reality sinks in.

    And BTW, even though the Left won this time, I’ve had plenty of them tell me “I wasn’t welcome on their socialist streets”. That’s a quote and had similar remarks to me from many others on the Left. One other thing Ron, you don’t have a clue as to what we might or might not do in such desperate situations to protect Our Country!

    My feelings are spot on with the excellent blog!

  5. Ron,

    Let me give you a history lesson son. There once was an arrogant man who had an Army of 6500 professional soldiers who once tried to take on maybe 2500 patriots-hint it didn’t work out so well for them. What set this up you ask. The bossy, arrogant Ruler tore up the Constitution, this was not acceptable to the patriots & they told him & his centralized government to take a flying leap, declared their independence as a country. Mr. Arrogant didn’t like this, so he sent his men to a small little outpost he loaned a cannon to back in the good old days to retrieve it. Well folks had grown attached to their little cannon & told Mr. Arrogant to “come and take it”…well you know he didn’t get it done, that cannon still sits in Gonzales. How is this possible you ask, because patriots were fighting for right, their homes, their freedom, way of life. A few months later this rag tail army of 900 met this arrogant ass & his 6000 troops, soundly whipping his butt & running him OUT of our country for good. Let me assure you of something, the folks here in Texas (I will only speak for us) haven’t changed a lot from our ancestors. Like these heroes of Texas who beat a Government & their Army we don’t cotton much to running & we don’t holler calf rope. Make no mistake Ron we here in Texas 1st off don’t owe the US a damn thing, liberals even less, & obama nothing. 2nd we are the ONLY state that can exist & stand alone-make no mistake we need nothing from US. 3rd and this is pretty important hon-check with state is #1 for enlistments, we produce more military men than any other state, Texans are always first to volunteer for a fight…let that be a clue.

    No I am not happy about you idiots that voted for obama, I agree with this post entirely. One thing a Texan can’t stomach is a coward & that Obama is-only a coward would leave 4 Americans to die. Oh & Ron hon I am a 5’2” redhead & I am not hiding behind anything, I will give you directions & turn the porch light on for….so as my ancestors might say Come & Take It

  6. “And BTW, even though the Left won this time, I’ve had plenty of them tell me “I wasn’t welcome on their socialist streets”.” I’ve been very active in this election process and never once heard ANYONE say anything about socialism but Republicans – You are a liar – and you know it!

    “One other thing Ron, you don’t have a clue as to what we might or might not do in such desperate situations to protect Our Country!”

    Are you threatening me or the President of the United States? Careful now – your answer will depend on which law enforcement agency I choose to report you to. At the suggestion of a law enforcement agent, I file a report on all threats – insinuated or direct – so watch your tone!

  7. Sounds like you are the one doing the threatening… Ron. Maybe I’ll call the law, you little rat. I just told you that you don’t ‘know’ anything, but what’s news about that?

    I also told you the truth about the ‘socialist remark’ made by a Lefty, So here we are again, leftists being repelled by the Truth!

    I’m also done talking to this ignoramus lowlife. The scum on the bottom of whale crap is above this guys head.

  8. This election result shows that a majority of Americans are just a bunch of selfish takers! Thus, I am no longer proud of America. I don’t think that refusing to give to those who have asked for endless donations is heartless. Various charitable organizations are big contributors to the culture of dependency as well.  The belief that being unable to provide for themselves is not a shameful thing, because it is not their fault, is nonsense. Liberals believe it is rich people’s responsibility to help those who are less fortunate, but do not require those people to even try to help themselves. People who contribute more are asked to contribute even greater and those who don’t contribute to society get a free pass.  

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