Hollywood Trash

I remember back in the seventies a Baptist pastor I knew was death on going to the movies. At the time I thought he was being a bit to harsh to push that point of view. In hindsight I couldn’t agree more with him. Perhaps not for the same reason but I totally agree that conservatives shouldn’t waste their time or money on Hollywood movies or anything else from that garbage heap called Hollywood. There are a few actors who are conservatives, but 90+ percent are savage liberals. Those who are conservatives dare not talk about it or they will not get work and they will sure as hell not have a social life with other actors. The exceptions to this rule are Robert Duvall, Clint Eastwood, John Voight, and a few others. Most are old and don’t have to worry about money, acceptance, or work. The money spent on a ticket to a movie supports idiot liberals on so many levels it’s scary, and they in turn support liberal politicians.

Hollywood is as idiotic and immoral as Washington DC. The biggest difference is Hollywood is a little more open about their trashy ass attitude than DC. Nepotism is as rampant in Hollywood as it is in DC . DC has third generation politicians sucking taxpayer blood as does Hollywood. Hollywood sucks the blood from the Endowment for The Arts and vehicles such as that. As long as you follow the rules (liberalism) in Hollywood you will get work. Your children and siblings will get work. Break the rules and you are gone.

Hollywood, San Francisco, LA, and most of southern California are nothing more than a cesspool of liberalism in it’s worst form. I’m not going to bother naming them because there are just too many. Actors, politicians, illegals, and everyday mush head liberals all want the same thing. They want Marxism supported with your tax dollars. Actors are like rats (or children) following the Pied Piper. All the politicians have to do is convince a few actors that Marxism is the utopia they are looking for and the rest will follow willingly. Politicians think Marxism is wonderful because they will be in charge with no oversight. Illegals love the idea because it means everything is free to them. Wealthy actors have the means to hide their money or leave the country, politicians don’t use their own money anyway, and illegals don’t have any money. So this grand experiment is to be financed solely by you with your tax dollars. When it (Marxism) collapses under it’s own weight they don’t give a damn because it didn’t cost them a penny and their lifestyle hasn’t changed.

I often wonder if these people are really that evil or just old fashioned stupid. I suppose it’s a combination of both for the most part. I think judging people is the most arrogant, narcissistic thing a person can do and I refuse to judge anyone with respect to eternity. I will however judge their actions and their words. Hollywood seems to welcome every trashy thing that comes along with open arms and even promotes it. They have no morals. They seem to live by the sixties adage “if I feels good do it”. Aleister Crowley author of The Book of the Law put it another way “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. Crowley was a practicing satanist. He was called a friend by L. Rob Hubbard the founder of Scientology which many actors are members of including Tom Cruise, Candice Bergen, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, and many others. Scientology is an evil cult anyway you look at it.

I don’t know where you draw the line, but I will not donate one more penny to the Hollywood trash who support obama and Marxism.


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