Fair And Balanced My Ass

I am sick of FOX News Corp. They like to say they are fair and balanced. Where does that come from? MSNBC, CNN, ABC CBS, & NBC, all spew liberal, politically correct BS 24/7. When is the last time they had a true conservative show on their programing?
Watching FOX has become like watching a bearded fat lady in a circus years ago. I don’t give a damn what juan williams, bob beckle, or any other liberal clown has to say. I know what they are going to say before it comes out of their mouth. I don’t watch the news anymore because I want news not someone arguing with an incoherent liberal. O’Reilly sits and argues with juan non-stop. Whats the point? You can’t argue with people (liberals) who hate facts. You can’t argue with someone who is racist, and juan is as racist as it gets. I bet NPR would love to have him back. beckle argues that obamacare is not a tax after john roberts cut our throats and called it a tax to get it passed. Talking to liberals is like talking to a child. Most people grow up and give up fantasy land. Liberals don’t. At least with most children the parent has the final say, and keeps the kid and family out of trouble. In our situation at this time children are running our country and they are destroying it as fast as they can.
This is not the country I grew up in and that’s sad. It’s kinda like the feeling you get when you buy a brand new car. When it’s new you take good care of it like a baby. Ten years later when it breaks down every other time you drive it you just don’t care and you will settle for any kind of change. You get talked into buying a brand of new car you know nothing about by some snake oil car salesman. The first year your payment is $100.00 per month and all is good. The second year your payment goes up to $800.00 and the car has a blown engine. That salesman is barack obama and the blown engine is our country. I feel like the guys who used to carry signs around saying the world is coming to an end, but in this case it’s our country coming to an end!!

I refuse to capitalize the names of repugnant people!!!

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  1. Thank you dear Sister for telling it like it truly is about Faux News! I have reached the point when they have another interview with these incoherent liberal morons that I will mute the sound or just start yelling at the TV. I figure my neighbors must think we argue a lot in my house with all the yelling we both do at the Libs on Fox….

    • LOL-I appreciate the comment but I am a Brother not a Sister 🙂

  2. Fox was good until they sold a huge chunk of shares to the mooslums… Since that time everything they had going went to crap… I noticed it in O`Reilly`s show before I had heard of the buy in… It`s so sad that they have gone to (H)… I don`t watch nearly as much now, but I can`t even stand any of the Fox affiliates in any local news show as they are all so left i just want to scream…

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