Screw It

There are over 300 million people in the United States. The end result of the Supreme Court decision regarding health care was decided by one man. Judge roberts decided over 300 million people will no longer live in a capitalist society. He decided we would be a socialist nation. He is accountable to no one since he has a lifetime appointment. It’s incomprehensible to me why he ruled the way he did, but at this point it really doesn’t matter why he did it. It’s done. I know many people are thinking “way until November”. This law will not be repealed and replaced even if Romney is elected. Anyone who thinks it will be repealed is living in a fantasy world. obama with the help of the press has destroyed our system of government. Trillion dollar bailouts of banks, auto companies (now government owned), and stimulus plans means the government now controls every aspect of your life. The thousands of regulations obama has passed means in one form or another the federal government owns you.
I suppose most people don’t understand that if a person is wealthy all of this means nothing to them. It doesn’t effect them. Most people are apparently to ignorant to realize the people who are pulling the strings of these puppets are billionaire liberals such as george soros, peter lewis (progressive insurance co ceo), john sperling (University of Phoenix ceo), warren buffet, bill gates, and so many others.
obama has turned the U.S. into a banana republic. It will take a few years to come to fruition, but it is a done deal. I suppose we all want to know why this is happening, and I suppose we all have our own opinions. Since I am writing this I intend to give you mine. You may respond if you wish.
Liberals are angry people. They don’t really need a reason to be angry. They just are. They are also the most narcissistic, arrogant people on earth. Any one who feels compelled to judge other people and assume to tell them how to live their lives can be nothing less than arrogant. The anger comes from perceived injustices based on their version of social justice. Reality be damned. Utopia is always just around the corner for these people if they can just get their way. obama was raised and mentored by communists. He was raised to hate what he considers Colonialism. It’s like the scorpion and the frog. It’s just his nature. He was also schooled to hate white people because that is a big part of what “Black Liberation Theology” is. Listen to louis farrakhan (NOI) and the non-stop hate of white people and Jews he espouses. Who do you think they want to be liberated from? Blacks (poor urban blacks in particular) have been convinced by welfare pimps that “whitey” has his boot on their throat and is “holding them back, or down”. Liberals buy into this BS and help promote it by heaping praise on the welfare pimps and agreeing that the blacks have been held back when it fact the opposite is true. There are far too many examples of reverse discrimination for me to list them all, and if you don’t know what the advantages are for black people you wouldn’t believe me anyway. Liberals treat black people like children, but are terrified of them at the same time. Keep in mind liberals are the ones who love to throw “your” money at problems. They are terrified that if they cut off anything in the way of “entitlements” to blacks that they will riot. Fact is they don’t need much of a reason to burn a city to the ground. It’s also a fact in city after city across this nation blacks have moved into urban areas of cities and in a short time basically destroyed property values. I don’t really blame them as much as the liberals who are trying to “buy them off”. They don’t own the property, they don’t pay to live there (we ((government)) pay) so there is no incentive for them to do anything to maintain the property or the neighborhood. Anytime you allow someone or encourage them to take on a victim mentality they become irresponsible losers. You are never doing anyone a favor by allowing that to happen. This welfare state mentality ruined the black family. It is a major reason black men don’t take parental responsibility as they should. It is a major reason the prisons are full of black offenders. It is the result of LBJ’s administration in the sixties. Responsibility, and a good work ethic need to be taught at a young age or you will lose the child before he ever gets a chance at life. Much of the same is true of illegal Mexican immigrants. They do tend to work when they can find it, but when they can’t they fall into the same free housing, food stamp, victim mentality.
I am not judging these people. I am only stating what we all observe but most try to ignore. We can’t or won’t be honest with each other any more because it isn’t politically correct or because of fear. I started first grade with blacks and Mexicans. We had the same books, the same teachers, and the same opportunity to learn. I NEVER saw any child discriminated against through twelve years of school or in college for that matter.
Liberal, progressive, Marxist, and Communist are the same to me. One eventually leads to the other. I can honestly say that I am glad most of my life is behind me. I don’t envy the future generations in this once great country. I also don’t capitalize the names of people I have no respect, but only contempt for. I don’t hate anyone, but there are sure a lot of people I don’t like.


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  1. I agree with you fully 1949… 1959 Here… These culprits who have done this have already been for years putting us on the path to destruction with some the worst beginning with LBJ when he gave away the store and escalated the war… There`s really not much to add to your thoughts, except to supply details to the items you mentioned… I have been for years with many of my friends over the years fighting this tooth and nail, but being from the south suburbs of Detroit, the rest of the state was made null by the sheer masses that inhabited that city… Sorry but I`m going to use political correctness here and have for years as we call them Zero`s as they will never add up to anything and they come in all sizes, shapes and colors… They have lived for years off the teet of government hand outs, so the need to accomplish any dreams they may have had, has died by this addiction and are stuck in a mode of life that even if they receive a break that many would envy, just can`t maintain them as they aren`t smart enough to hold onto them…
    I will not just sit back and watch this country burn down as I have been able to find ways to enjoy my life here and will continue to fight for the truth of a real change that brings this country back to the closeness of the founding of it… I, as in many instances during my lifetime, Will Not Comply!!! Due to the corrupt ideology and practices that have infested every aspect of the lives that surround us for a selfish purpose that has been shared by those who practice the same to quell the freedoms we all should be able to enjoy… There is a better way, but the path that has been being followed is not it and I am confident that we can change this as we are the majority as long as we refuse to allow our heart strings to be pulled and we understand that in death we find an even better future from this valley of the shadows of death… In that we find the true freedom from the fear of death that stops those who have the wish to control our lives from feeling emboldened to make many fear them as for sufferage, dying and gain the upper hand… Too many for too long have built their lives around materialism and are afraid of losing what they see as wealth rather than all the gifts of life to be enjoyed by sharing the joys of life…

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