More Things That Piss Me Off

7) Our government murdering United States citizens and the Department of Justice covering it up. Maybe I have a longer memory than most people. I remember “Ruby Ridge” and fourteen year old Sam Weaver (shot in the back by machine gun fire while retreating) and his mother Vicki Weaver being murdered (shot in the head while holding her baby) in her front door by FBI sniper lon horiuchi. I remember over seventy people (men, women, and approx. 20 children) murdered in Waco. In the case of “Ruby Ridge” the reason for the murders was because Randy Weaver missed a court date and the government wanting to make an example of him. The “Branch Davidian’s” were also made an example of. Randy Weaver was acquitted of all charges but his wife and son are still dead. The people in Waco were never convicted of anything. The same FBI sniper (lon horiuchi) who murdered Vicki Weaver at “Ruby Ridge” was at Waco and is believed to have fired his sniper rifle into the compound against “Rules of Engagement” based on spent cartridges found at his position. He also violated “Rules of Engagement” at “Ruby Ridge”. He was indicted for manslaughter in Boundary County, Idaho for the murder of Vicki Weaver, but the trial was removed to federal court and the case was dismissed. I’m no survivalist but it isn’t against the law to be one. I disagree with the Branch Davidians religious views, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to worship as they see fit. william clinton, and his Attorney General janet reno were responsible for the attempted cover up of “Ruby Ridge” and reno along with clinton was directly responsible for the massacre in Waco. These two incidents are probably the most despicable acts committed against American citizens in the twentieth century. It seems the liberal media didn’t think these incidents were worthy of truthful reporting (surprise). They also gave clinton a pass (maybe he was busy with monica). janet reno also got a pass. Is it coincidence liberals got the passes? Consider the pass eric holder, obama, and the Justice Department are getting from the press even though they are directly involved in the murder of border agent Brian Terry as well as the cover up to date. So far this is the most despicable act of the twenty first century. We no longer have a Department of Justice. At best we have a Department of Injustice. eric holder, obama, and the vast majority of his appointments are among the worst racists in this country. Every appointment obama has made has an agenda that is racist, immoral, criminal, or just old fashioned scum bags. I seriously doubt there is one Capitalist in the entire executive branch of the government. obama is an elected Marxist and his cabinet and Czars are appointed Marxists. Blacks can make threats of murder against whites and Holder won’t even consider charges against them (black panthers). This country can’t take four more years of Marxism. I submit if you voted for obama to prove you weren’t racist (which demonstrates your ignorance) vote against him (2012) to prove you’re not a fool!!

Capitalization was left off some names as a sign of my disrespect and contempt for those people.

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  1. Though too Eric Holder was part of Janet Reno`s Injustice Dept under Clinton… The Injustice that comes from this countries made up character is astounding as they are supposed to uphold the laws of this land, yet they have acted as Judge and Jury in Multiple cases when controlled by the left against any who challenge their ideologies…

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