Party Verses Independent-By Victoria_29

I keep hearing everyone say oh we have to elect more Republicans to Congress however, in case you missed it they have had the majority for nearly 2 years. What has Congress accomplished helpful in those 2 years? Does anyone believe for a minute that Nancy Pelosi in 2 years would not have got her agenda passed? You might hate her but you have to give credit to her ability to ram through legislation and accomplish her goals. In case no one has noticed, for all the talk Boehner has sold out conservatives, he managed to get enough Republicans to vote to increase debt limits for fantasy cuts, he couldn’t even get Bush tax rates except on temporary basis-which leaves business hanging automatically slowing their willingness to invest, rammed CISPA through the House, is about to wimp out and let Holder get away with contempt and leave Issa hung out to dry, and so on. He was able to do this because of party loyalty and obligation. A few brave souls crossed him and voted against the party and these should be commended for doing so. However, it was way too few. Party politics are killing America. Obamacare-even in House has not been repealed (and you might want to keep in mind that some Republicans have suggested that we keep “good parts” but didn’t define that). Please do not try to use well Republicans do not control Senate as excuse for House not doing their jobs.
I realize everyone is obsessed with holding onto the House due to Speakership (although I would certainly replace Boehner)-okay fine I get that. I have also done the math, we can elect 5 Conservative Independents (that are NOT beholden to either party) to Congress and still hold majority. They will caucus with GOP however, the GOP can NOT twist arms on votes-they didn’t help them get elected. In Texas alone there is over 40 candidates running as Independents-I will give you that probably 1/3 are nut cases that are not even serious, about 1/3 are liberals (one guy is even running under the occupy banner), that leaves a 1/3-at least 3 of these are conservatives-real, honest to God ones. Another is running against Sheila Jackson Lee in CD-18-granted he is not a conservative but he is not full blown liberal either and he is nowhere close to as ignorant, liberal or even crazy as Lee-while I am by no means suggesting we support liberals I think we need to look closer at these type of situations. In CD-2 you have a Conservative Independent running against an incumbent GOP that has voted for every un-Constitutional measure that came down the pike and pushed CISPA through-but he talks good game (he should he is lifelong politician that has been sucking off public teat forever) on the Democrat side is a liberal, SPLC type, lifelong politician. Down in south Texas we have an Independent who is a pro-life conservative running against a 10 term incumbent Democrat, the GOP didn’t even bother in this district, just sticking up a throw away name on ballot. He like the GOP knows that in a district 80% Hispanic that the word Republican is the kiss of death. I used Texas for an example but there are others all around the country.
This election it is critical that we put into play the House, & we need to do this with Conservatives. The idea that Republicans and Conservatives are automatically attached is a fairy tale as anyone with intelligence knows. Yes there is some conservative Republicans –my guess in regards to politicians about 40% at best, the rest are conservatives in words but not deeds & then only at election time. So, my question for you today Are you a Republican or an American? Which is more important party or country? Do your actions back up your claim of being conservative or is it all talk?
Visit some Independent websites, donate, volunteer-to beat the party system will take a concentrated effort of true American Conservatives. We let the RNC shove Romney down our throats, the House of Representatives was created to represent we the people let’s insure it does. Let’s make history & take back our House. If you are interested in finding out more about any of the Independent s I have run across in my search find me on twitter& let me know. Victoria_29

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