In 2012 Fox News And The GOP Will Not Allow Mr. Smith To Washington

Written by SKADI
I’d like to say it does not surprise me that regular folk are not allowed into the GOPS good ol’
Boys club, but it does. Why? For the simple reason that it was not too long ago that regular folk showed up in huge numbers to vote Republican in 2010. We removed Nancy Pelosi as Speaker and won the House back for the party. We could use a quid pro quo with the beltway power elite however they’d just sneer down their pointy noses at us. We are not allowed to the table anymore. What is strange is this: It’s our country, our government and as far as the GOP is concerned we are their voters. Yet, when it comes to actually doing what we want them to, they ignore us.
With the election upon us we are being told that Bain Capital CEO, Robber Baron Mitt Romney is the only candidate that can beat Barack Obama in the election. This man was governor of Massachusetts and his record was fiscally irresponsible. His judicial picks were horrifying, His record on abortion ridiculous and his record on gun ownership dismal. In fact he is the father of Obama care. Romney care in Massachusetts was the template for the fiscal Godzilla that Obama care is. Of course the beltway GOP, the Georgette Mosbachers, the newsies at Fox, the editors at National Review, Weekly Standard and several members of congress are foisting this man down the throats of the voters and all but sneering at any outsider who has a chance to actually beat Obama. These people definitely are not fans of Mr. Smith, regular Joe. It also appears that Romney has the cash for a quid pro quo with these beltway drones, while we the voter is merely taken for granted. If Megyn Kelly dislikes a candidate for whatever shallow, vacuous reason she can put through her pea sized brain then by GOD we should too. And sadly many of us Mr. Smiths take the word of botoxed air heads and insipid communications majors as gospel. I forget Ms. Kelly is a lawyer. This of course brings on an entirely new reason to roll one’s eyes and say that’s nice Megyn.
Here is the honest truth to you voters who think guys like Rick Perry are unworthy of office. You have been lied to and had. You have been manipulated by cynical beltway sleaze and New York media who do not have your best interest at heart. They are forcing you to think that Mitt Romney, Mr. Man Made Climate Change is the candidate. The reason is this: They like the status quo. They want a guy that will do their dance and they don’t care about the country. If Mitt Romney was actually a good man he’d be the transparent candidate that others are but when a guy doesn’t even let the media see his tax returns, well we all need to stop and pause.
What bothers me about this is the media has made it too easy. Too simple for the voter to go along with everything they say. They treat us like inane idiots, and the dc establishment helps foster this by attacking any GOP outsiders. If you want to balance the budget, reform Medicare, make the hard decisions you are isolated and called stupid. For an example look at what the GOP establishment has done to Rick Perry.
The Governor of Texas is for a fact the most successful political figure running in this year’s election. He has never lost an election, he has championed all of the conservative causes that the base holds dear and his personal story is compelling. This is a man who never sought national office, never looked to the next big step. His greatest dream was to be Governor of Texas and he has become the longest serving Governor in Texas history. What he brings to the race is unique, the view of a powerful leader mixed with the heart of the common man. He is regular folk. He is like us. Yet, here we are hearing from Bill O’Reilly, Martha McCallum, and others at FOX News that he is unworthy of high office. Why? It is because he is not one of them. Let me say, that when they say that about Rick Perry, they say that about all of us.
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, a film starring Jimmy Stewart and Claude Rains comes to mind when I think of Governor Perry, about all of us. The synopsis from IMDb tells much.
Naive and idealistic Jefferson Smith, leader of the Boy Rangers, is appointed on a lark by the spineless governor of his state. He is reunited with the state’s senior senator–presidential hopeful and childhood hero, Senator Joseph Paine. In Washington, however, Smith discovers many of the shortcomings of the political process as his earnest goal of a national boys’ camp leads to a conflict with the state political boss, Jim Taylor. Taylor first tries to corrupt Smith and then later attempts to destroy Smith through a scandal
Those short comings were always in Washington but even back then in the 30’s and 40’s our politicians actually were patriots. Now, politicians are not so much. patriotic as they party hacks George Washington cautioned us about the rule of political parties and the attacks on Governor Perry, by his own party prove that political parties are corrupting forces. There is a seedy side to the process brought on by people who insidiously gather their power within a party apparatus in order to steer it towards a certain man or woman who will do their bidding. We voters are only there as useful sheep. If the power elites in DC, if Sean Hannity and his elf like little dwarf Frank Luntz say so n so is smart and we should follow him, compromise what we want and believe in to elevate the party, then many of us do so. We have been co-opted by a herd of cynical, unethical, amoral bottom feeders that put their party allegiances ahead of the nation. They’d never allow Mr. Smith to their party and certainly would never allow Mr. Smith lead their band. Just who does this peon think he is after all?
Mr. Smith this year is Rick Perry. He embodies every decent honorable ideal that Americans have been taught were the hallmarks of a great statesman. He talks plainly, does not make long winded rhetorical speeches, nor is he a painfully boring policy wonk. You can see he is a man who does not have time to get himself mired down in the minutia. His governance of Texas has been the lightest of footprints. His integrity is apparent in his actions. Yes, his words are few, his actions are great. From assisting Louisiana in many of the disasters of recent date, before the Federal Government ever lifted a finger, to making sure at least 400 million dollars of Texas tax payer money went to border security while the federal government under George W. Bush and Barack Obama did absolutely nothing for border security. These two presidents sat on their hands over the border with Mexico while we are still fighting Islamic fundamentalists around the world.
So voters, what are we to do? Are we to slavishly and dimly like brainwashed characters in the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom chanting Kali Mal follow whatever whims the denizens of the FOX news make up chair, and Georgette Mosbacher’s salon have? Or do we stand back, throw off the chains of party loyalty and MSM anti regularfolk propaganda and tell them to go to Hades. We are bringing Texas to the White House, and not Bushes Texas, but real Texas. We are going to see our country fixed. Washington DC and every job there, every federal office, every appointment, ever y elected official belongs to us. Therefore we will decide. Mr. Smith aka Rick Perry must be President, he must go to Washington or very soon because of the graft and corruption of the party’s and the MSM and political establishment there may not be a Washington to go to.

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  1. Everything you wrote is true.

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