Why I Support Rick Perry by Skadi

I am a military wife. In particular I am a USMC wife. This is not merely a statement of what my husband does. When a woman decides to marry an active duty military officer, she is not just marrying the man; she is marrying into the military. I married into the Corps. Happily I might add.
But as to why I support Rick Perry. The reasons are many. His record as Governor of Texas has few if any blemishes. None that is meaningful in a general election. Of course there are bloggers out there who took the Gardasil issues and ran with it, making a mountain out of a mole hill. However the Governor realized that the law he wanted passed was unpopular and it never took effect. Still Michelle Malkin, RS McCain and others decided they had to attack him for it. All for the sake of what they said was “vetting”. When the dust settled these bloggers who threw such fits over the Gardasil issue seemed to have been self-serving. Finding the right conservative is the last thing many self-important yappers are concerned with. I might add a lot of conservative writers, talkers and bloggers I had once respected have sold out but that is another story entirely.
Then there was the Texas in state tuition for children of illegal immigrants. A little factoid: These kids have to pay that tuition. They are not given anything. They have to have gone to high school in Texas for three years. This law that was passed in Texas does not even really concern these children in particular, rather than out of state residents in general. For example: if a family from Red Wing Minnesota moves to Dallas for work for a few years and have kids in high school their children would be able to get in state tuition if they had gone to Texas High Schools for three years and got a certain high GPA. The children of illegals were allowed to have the same chances. Considering that the bill was overwhelmingly supported by the Texas state legislature, and that only four legislators voted nay, Perry did not have a choice but to sign the bill. Sure on the surface it looks bad. But if one actually thinks about it, the mess Texas has been left with is a mess of the Federal Governments making. In no way could Governor Perry deport illegals, which some so called constitutional genius’ think he has the power to do. Texas made do with what they had. If anything it is a good reflection on Perry that he understands the predicament states have in dealing with a shiftless, uninterested and obese federal government.
The Texas economy is booming. Well over half the jobs that have been “created” in the United States have been in Texas. Under Perry, Texas has a predicable regulatory climate, and tax policy. Business leaders know what they can expect from quarter to quarter and year to year. This is how an economy is run. It is run in Texas with a very light, unnoticeable footprint by the state government.
Perry’s record on abortion issues is outstanding. Under his governorship, Planned Parenthood abortion clinics have been closing all over the state. Considering that this is a near and dear issue to the base of the Republican Party, Perry should get huge kudos. Unlike Santorum who is pro-life but has never really done anything about this problem besides talk about it, Perry has actually done something about the issue of out of control abortions by pushing for defunding of these heinous clinics.
On Gun Control, Perry has been an outstanding defender of the Second Amendment. He is a hunter, and has a passion for shooting sports that is refreshing in a presidential candidate. Unlike John McCain 2008, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, Perry does not merely pay lip service concerning the rights of gun owners, he is a gun owner, and he is not unfamiliar with fire arms and knows the fears of those of us who do own personal firearms. The NRA endorsed him for a good reason.
Concerning Foreign Policy, which is a shambles of promises not kept, allies disrespected and dishonored, and national security left in tatters. We have been led down a path for years by the democrat president whom I personally believe dislikes our country. We are about in the same position we were in 1980 when Carter was president. The other candidates all talk a good game but are they trust worthy? Would they saddle us with a halfhearted political mealy mouth in a Secretary of State like a Colin Powell or a devotee of Real Politick? A Bismarkian wanna be Henry Kissinger type? Or would they bring in a John Bolton, who has always stood for what is best for our country and our near and dear friends around the world? Would they actually ignore the UN when the UN’S leanings go against what is best for the nation? Rick Perry is a man of his word. His record speaks for itself. If he says he believes so, and will do everything he can to do so, then you can count bank on that.
On the military, a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Perry is a veteran. Unlike Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, the governor actually served our country as an Air Force pilot. He understands the sacrifices made, the long deployments, the separations and the discipline. He can count among his endorsers MOH recipients, well known retired members of the military. Men who have seen the horrors of combat and whom have paid the price for serving the nation in wounds and scars, seeing friends killed. These are men of honor, men whose words are their bond and they have faith that the military under the command of President James Richard Perry would be better off than under anyone else. Perry would never forsake our heroes, our defense. He would be a prudent and wise commander in chief, guided by his love of our country, and regard for our men and women in uniform. We know we can trust him. I would not support the Governor if I did not know in my heart he would never take our military for granted. He is after all one of us.
In regards to our budget crisis. Perry was one of the first to say the super committee was a bad idea. He is championing a balanced budget amendment; he also has a flat tax plan that echoes the ideas of retired House Majority Leader, the sage of Flower Mound Texas, Dick Armey. Rick Perry has a vision for America that is huge, but to paraphrase Reagan, Americans should never dream small dreams. The economic plan Perry has put together is not merely a plan, it is a recommitment to ensuring our greatness as a country and a commitment to our posterity.
Rick Perry is one of those self-made men that the United States is famous for. Reagan was self-made; many of our founders were self-made. These men are the brick and mortar of our nation’s history. The road is never easy for a self-made man because the powers that be understand that self-made men are never one of them. There is a disconnect between the GOP establishment and regular voters that is wide and deep. The disconnect is a chasm. The establishment is championing Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and even Newt Gingrich because these three candidates will play the DC beltway game. Rick Perry, self-made man, who came from the dusty dry cotton fields around Paint Creek Texas will never toe the line. He will always put our country ahead of the party, ahead of politics as usual and that is reason enough for rank and file Republicans to vote for Perry.
Unlike Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich, Perry is running for President because the nation needs someone to fix the problems. Unlike Romney in particular, Perry never wanted to be President. He never looked at national office as something he desired but he was coaxed by his wife and others to run because the country needed a leader and if anything else, Rick Perry has always been a leader.
These are many of the reasons why I support James Richard Perry, Governor of Texas for President of the United States. I cannot imagine supporting any other candidate. It is my great honor to do whatever I can to help him get the nomination and then the White House. Our problems are great, and require a real man to fix them. Rick Perry is that man.

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  1. That is SO true– the greatest reason that Rick Perry appeals to voters is that he’s honest and he truly has answers to the problems. But not only that he has worked to solve similar problems to the ones our nation is dealing with on the state level, too often we forget that Texas isn’t some backward state; it is the thirteenth largest economy in the world!

    GO Rick Perry!!

  2. Like to read all perspectives! Thanks for sharing

  3. Well done! I think Perry will make an excellent president, but first we need to nominate him to be the GOP presidential candidate. I would like to see Perry team focuses on his achievement and differentiate him from other GOP candidates. I don’t like when he attacks our own side, even his is my favorite choice. He should focus his attack on the other side of aisle.

  4. I am still shaking my head in amazement that all these people can focus on is oh he debates awful. Geez what morons selling our country out because someone doesn’t talk fancy enough to please them.

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