Where Loyalties Lie by Victoria_29

It has been a bit since I have written a blog, mainly because I only write them when I moved by the heart to do so. I have also been staying off twitter out of disgust for watching so called conservatives judge not by past deeds but only by words that a candidate is spinning today-sorry I don’t tolerate fools easily. Sorry, I am more into judging by actions, the character of a man does not change they just learn to hide it better (& no that was not a veiled swipe at Newtie & Mittens it was a direct hit).

I would imagine by now anyone that has known me over 10 minutes knows that I am a Rick Perry supporter, but let’s talk about why. I bet you can’t find many people that have supported Romney, Newt or even Paul (even Paul bots sometimes grow up) for 20+ years. Yet, in the next 2 weeks not just a handful but close to 2000 TEXANS plan to descend on Iowa. We are talking about a very long drive in dead of winter-many of us abandoning our own families shortly after Christmas, spending New Year in lonely hotel rooms. Have you heard of 1000s or even 100s of Georgians braving the Iowa winter to support Gingrich? How about 100s of MA rushing to Iowa for Romney? And they are used to frigid weather. So what is it about Rick Perry that brings that undying loyalty? No, it is not because I have always agreed with him-been times over 20 years that I would like to have choked him. His answer on in-state tuition sucked he should have just told the truth & blamed us Texans & not tried to explain our in-state tuition to a bunch of anti-10th Amendment RINOS. First off-what Gov. Perry should have said is, “I was governor a few months when that was enacted, it was passed by 99.6% of the legislature & was veto-proof, so there was nothing I could do, veto would have been over-rode.” That is the FACTS but unlike other candidates that would have been quick to pass the blame Rick Perry is a Man & a Texan-this law was supported in 2001 by 80% of Texans so he took his stand with us & said hey Texas made a decision & I stand with her. REASON #1 In 20+ year I have never heard Rick Perry play the blame game. Right or wrong he accepts responsibility period, the buck stops with him. REASON #2 Rick Perry has always listened to the people of the state of Texas, even his enemies admit this. REASON #3– When Rick Perry is wrong he is enough of a man to say I was wrong, I made a mistake. (& yes direct attack here to be clear-not like Newtie & Cain who constantly claim they are misunderstood or we are too stupid to understand what they really meant, or they play semantics which Newtie is excellent at & suckers buy).

I first met Rick Perry when he was running for Agriculture Commissioner; he came to Crockett, Texas. For those of you that do not know Houston County where Crockett is located is farming, ranching & timber land-it is the heart of the area known as the Piney Woods. Now, 90% of us were registered Dems-we never even considered voting for a Republican (not local or state)-this still had a bad stigma in Texas. In fact, I don’t think face to face I had ever met anyone that admitted to being one. But Perry won us over-he was a cotton farmer, he actually “got it”, he told us what he would do, how he would do, his values of work, God & country matched ours-he was a Vet-he was a Christian, he was just like us & most important of all he was an Aggie. (Where I am from you go to A & M or Sam). I would be less than honest if I didn’t say that campaigning for a Republican in conservative but blue Houston County was sort of an embarrassment (but that is personal issue). However, as is history now Rick Perry prevailed – & trust me this was my 1st experience with nasty campaigns & as his opponent will assure you Rick Perry can play hardball with the best of them. REASON #4 Rick kept his word on everything (under a Dem Governor btw) that he campaigned on & easily re-elected by 67% of the vote (& remember Texas was STILL primarily conservative Democrats at this time). Quick education here-do not confuse how southerners vote nationally with how they vote local/state-2 very different things. Rick Perry helped open up Texas products to other markets outside our state & as the daughter of a rancher-with farmers & ranchers in family-he made a difference. Iowa as a farm state should not even be considering another candidate if you care about family farms surviving-Rick Perry believes in land & family farms-they are as much a part of him as breathing. A family farm is what made him who he is. Somehow I can’t picture Romney or Gingrich even knowing how to start a tractor much less plowing, but Rick Perry can.

Slam, Rick Perry all you want for being a Democrat at 1 time but understand this his votes as a Democrat in Texas were more conservative than the votes Newtie cast in DC (i.e. Newt voted to create Dept. of Ed, he voted to nationalize land in multiple states, he voted for every increase in foreign aid, he voted against every decrease in foreign aid & I could go on & on). Unlike others Rick Perry says what he means & lives his beliefs. Reason #5 Rick Perry has never quibbled about being a Conservative-he was a pit bull in Texas legislature, he has always been very pro-life-REASON #6, he has always been pro-defense-REASON #7, pro-2nd amendment, pro-Israel-which brings us to Reason #8 as a Christian Israel is extremely important to me. Rick Perry has been & is the ONLY candidate that has in reality stood with Israel consistently & openly-that is why the Nation of Israel has bestowed on him the highest Honor of Israel. The others talk about it but obviously Perry made a difference. http://www.thepoliticalguide.com/Profiles/Governor/Texas/Rick_Perry/views/Israel/

This is a history of Perry’s stand on Israel-NOT just what he is saying in an election year.

REASON #9– Rick Perry got the Castle Law passed in Texas & is a very big supporter of the 2nd Amendment to the point he personally carries. Both Newt & Romney are anti-2nd Amendment-very weak in this area. Sorry, y’all call me a hick but I like the idea that my POTUS is not a wimp that I could beat up & that knows how to lock & load.

REASON #10– Rick Perry is a Veteran-he had the guts to put his life where his mouth is. While he did not have to Rick Perry stood ready to defend this piece of ground we call America with his life…..Newt & Romney BOTH took deferments-that to me sums up their whole lives. As the mother of a son that has served in the US Army during a war-while I don’t want my son in a combat zone I damn sure what his commander in Chief to have been in his shoes, not a coward that avoided serving his country (& yes deferments are exactly that).

For those of you that still don’t get it, then I am sorry but please keep one thing in mind as you elect either Obama or Obama-lite. When things keep on keeping on-please don’t come to Texas. Nothing personal but you have a choice to make & if you choose to stand with conservative hating Newt or RINO Romney then please don’t expect my Governor & my state to bail you out when it all goes south for you. We have the best economy, best cost of living, best healthcare, best overall life for a reason & Rick Perry has played a large role in that as often by what he hasn’t done as what he has done. This brings up #REASON 11-Rick Perry knows when to butt the hell out. I know this is way too long & the sad part is that I could list another 20 reasons just off the top of my head. But what you really should think about is why 2000 Texans are willing at their own expense (NOT 1 of us are being paid a dime or any expenses this is ALL on us) would make this trek to Iowa (we are not exactly snowbirds you know).

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to write this. Most of what was written I already knew, had read elsewhere or believed but since I don’t ‘know’ Rick Perry (much less for 20 years), it helps to see that someone who knows is confirming what I could only suspect.

  2. I enjoyed your blog. I had written Perry off, but I am taking a fresh look, because it’s no joy to vote for a RINO just because he talks pretty.

  3. You’re argument for Perry is every bit as passionate as a Ron Paul supporter but without the condescension that comes with the PaulBots…

  4. I knew in my heart Perry is a good man. It’s nice to hear others voice it too. He is worth fighting for as I know he’ll fight for us.

    Thank you so much for what you’re doing.

  5. Way to go…best article I’ve read in days. I applaud you from my comfortable home in North Georgia. Trust me when I say, I’ve helped fund the campaign.

  6. I was leaning toward Rick Perry …but I’m totally on board after reading this great testimonial…and will do whatever I can to help his campaign. I may even leave my comfort zone and help with the Strike Force in Iowa. I thank God that we have an honorable man like Perry that has the total package that America is craving in a leader. Hallelujah!!!

    • If you do please let me know, I am on twitter & the owner of this blog always knows how to reach me. We’ll hook up in Iowa

  7. Awesome! You summed it all up. I hope people will come on board.. Judging by the latest ARG poll, he is doing great..

  8. That is a great article– Rick Perry is the leader we MUST have if we are to preserve our country’s freedoms!!

  9. Thank you for this, Victoria_29! Like you I am a full-fledged supporter of Governor Perry. Judging from the comments above, I see that your article is already influencing people. Keep up the good work and never, never give up.

  10. See you there, ma’am!

  11. I am not a Texan, nor a natural born American, and come from a country half a world away where I grew up with a dislike for politics, and have NEVER voted in any election there because even if my candidate won I would’ve doubted the integrity of the entire process.
    Now, here in America, at 66 years old come election time, I will be voting and had my eye on Ron Paul, or Rick Perry, (both with initials of RP, which, funny and incidentally, are also the initials of my birth country. go take a guess).
    I thought if this was the only vote I ever cast in my life, I want it to go to the guy who will give me back the America I read about in many magazines back in the 50’s and 60’s, when Jesus was a Name they wrote about in such magazines as the Reader’s Digest, for example. I guess you all get the drift.
    Well, having read your blog, I guess you’ve given me something to think about come ballot time, and am very grateful for all these information.

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