Social Justice And Marxism

Trying to achieve Social Justice is perhaps the most dangerous endeavor that has ever been tried. Social justice does not exist in this world and it never will.

Social Justice is nothing more than a Godless effort to make things equal for all people, and create a utopia on earth. While it may sound good, it has had as crippling effect on every society where it has been attempted. It has been attempted by people like Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Castro, and the beat goes on.

People who typically want Social Justice fall into two economic groups. Poor people, many of whom have made bad decisions and have no marketable skills, have addictions, or are just plain lazy. They live only for the day knowing that the government or someone will meet their daily needs. The other group is even more pathetic. They are wealthy people who want to provide Social Justice for the poor group with other people’s money. This second group are wealthy enough that they are above the fray. Perhaps they would like us to think they feel sorry for the poor, or maybe that they feel some guilt for being wealthy far beyond their needs or wants. While those things may contributing factors I believe the real reason is their ego.

For many people it doesn’t seem to matter how they acquired their wealth. The only thing that matters is they have it, so they must be more intelligent than those who are not wealthy. They feel this gives them the right to micro manage the lives of the poor. The problem they face is that they are not willing to use their own money, and the poor have no money, so that leaves the middle class. They reason that it’s only just to take from the middle class and give it to the poor. It doesn’t matter to them that there will no longer be a middle class, and that the people who work hard everyday will be the ones who are hurt the most. They just know it will work if the right people are in charge, and of course they are the right people.

As I hope you know this is Marxism, or whatever ism you would like to use. The bottom line is, it is a Godless society that is trying to create a heaven on earth. They don’t believe in God. The only hope they have is some type of “justice” here during this lifetime.

I feel sorry for both groups. If this life is all they have to live for it’s understandable why they are angry at everything and everyone. People who live to please God, which is far different than people who believe in God (even Satan believes in God), have a wonderful peace knowing that God is in control and a better place awaits them regardless of what happens. It’s all part of God’s plan. The peace that Christ offers, and paid for sustains people throughout this life and into eternal life. Money can’t buy that.

If you read this and want to leave a comment feel welcome to do so. However if you believe in evolution, the big bang, or are an atheist be advised I will take your criticism only if you can answer the following questions:

  1. Where did matter come from?
  2. Why can’t Steven Hawking find a cure for his illness?
  3. What has mankind created from nothing?

I will still consider posting your comments even if you choose to not answer these questions, but I will not argue with you.

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