Failin Palin

This was written by a friend of mine on Twitter in response to many people who have tweeted her RE:governors Palin & Perry.


Gee, I hate it that you have so many so-called “problems” with my Governor, Rick Perry. I have found that most of the vile comments seem to be coming from either the Ron Paul supporters or the Palin cultists, so in Texas terms “bring it on”. Speaking of problems I have a few with Sarah Palin (sorry I tend to believe that when you quit half way through a job you shouldn’t be entitled to the honor of being addressed as former anything-but then “Political Correctness” has never been my strong suit).

Let’s start early-Gov Perry went to Texas A & M-which by the way is not only an excellent school but a much respected one. Palin, gee went to 6 colleges including the little community college that she went to trying to get a Bachelors degree. Do you want to talk about that? I mean heck it only took her five years to get a four year degree, and no she had no responsibilities-she did not work, was not married, didn’t have kids-she just seems to have lacked the stick to it needed to finish a college degree.

Hmm, let’s see you say (words of one palin blogger) Gov Perry graduated and served in the Air Force and then gasp was a cotton farmer…until he got tired of it -okay let’s compare. Six years in AF where he flew big complicated planes worth millions of dollars, traveled all over Europe, and the Middle East, then when discharged he went home and joined his father in the family tradition of dry land cotton farming. Which he did for years. Yes at some point he ran for State legislature, but I guess you Palin cultists forgot to research Texas. He did NOT stop farming when he ran for the legislature in Texas. They meet every 2 years, make a pittance (it was even worse then), and guess what, they kept their day jobs-all of them. Sorry to disappoint-oh that Democrat thing-once again you should have researched, 80% of Texas was Democrats-on a local/state level was Democrat controlled and another FYI in many Texas counties you couldn’t even vote Republican because there were none on the ballot. Sigh, just a fact of life in the south, during the 2 yrs around the time that Rick Perry left the Democrat party-so did probably 100 well known Dems including Judge Roy Moore, Gov Bob Riley, Senator Richard Shelby (and none of them quit either as Falin did-that is a southern thing I guess). What did Sarah Failin do when she left college-wow she held a job all of a few months (Aug 28, 1988) before she “eloped” and began having kids- April 20,1989-interesting dates there seems there could be a family tradition working.

Sarah obviously got tired after a few years of playing housewife and mommy. She ran for city council, where she sat for four years-basically doing nothing. After this unremarkable career in 1996 she ran for Mayor. We won’t even go into the conflicts about how she ran that this race brought up. But suffice it to say yes she won, but during the 1st year she was nearly recalled (another way that she was different that Rick Perry), she also tried to pack the city council (the problem Palin supporters have is that Wasilla has the records-recall was stopped by the City Attorney), while the city at the time she took over had a positive financial balance, it certainly didn’t when she left, she increased sales tax .5%, created a new job immediately on taking office-City Administrator (gee really needed in town of 5000), summary is that she created massive debt, involved the city in multiple lawsuits, made poor decisions-for some reason she seemed to NOT know that you have to own land before you build on it. WSJ called Wasilla on Palin’s departure a financial mess. But, let us move on her Lt Gov race and her LOSS (also not like Rick Perry). Once she lost Governor Murkowski bribed her (the Republican party was trying to get women involved & since he appointed his daughter to senate) by appointing her to the Oil & Gas Conservation Board even though she had NO experience-wow this job lasted all of 10 months (real staying power Failin has, I am sure this will be attempted to be explained away by cultists.) Oh in 2006 she finally got a passport, and wow in 07 she made a trip to Kuwait. Her short little term as Gov is so riddled with conflict of interest and turmoil (also unlike Gov Perry) I’ll leave it for the Democrats to shine the light on. You know another great comparison is spouse’s. Anita Perry has never crossed the line and there has never been a word said in Texas about her “abuse” of the Governor office. Todd not so, there are multiple documented incidents where he not only misused the Gov office but in fact butted in. Then we have the BP conflict of interest-funny how Todd just happened to be working for them on North Slope & Failin made a deal with BP-gee, one of the many complaints filed, still pending and that was filed way before anyone ever heard of Palin-so I can’t wait to see cultist blame this one on media. Guess that is another BIG difference Palin is thin-skinned, and blames others for all her problems, and gee media makes her do all those gaffes like not knowing what she has read.

There are so many negatives against Palin. And while her cultists deny it, she has no legislative accomplishment. Alaska’s economy (much like Mitt’s economy) was basically flat during her term, she has no job creation expertise, she did not bring one company to Alaska in her short tenure, she has no immigration experience, no border experience. Please show me all the bills that she got passed, that she personally worked for and lobbied for. She hired consulting firms in Wasilla and as Governor to bring home the pork, and sorry Y’all that is also documented in both city and state budgets. Palin did sign a bill to build a pipeline-her one accomplishment-however, it is also important to NOTE it was NOT with an American company. She wasn’t satisfied with just causing Wasilla to be sued; her great Alaska pipeline has created a legal mess for the state and is still in court under legal challenges from Canada. I could go on and on, but this whole comparison is absurd. But, let’s see, a couple things stand out, Failin has NEVER held a private sector job (6 mo hardly counts), the only job that she has been able to maintain for even a while before quitting was sucking off the Government dole-so do you really want to make that comparison? LOL I only wrote about surface things. I didn’t even get personal or point out facts that others will point out. Can’t wait for the attacks, but to compare a Governor that has been elected three times to a half term quitter is laughable. And hon, yes as a Perry supporter I am hoping Palin jumps in race. This will be her 3rd election loss (and yes primary will count as #3) (unlike Gov Perry who is 9/0). Fact is once she losses in the primary she has shot her wad and will be another Geraldine and be out of site most of time (sort of like crazy aunt in closet).


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