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This was written by @victoria_29

It has been nearly a year since my last blog, so as you can tell I rarely get motivated to write them but when I do they are passionate. Something happened on twitter today that has my blood pressure all in a tizzy & furious. I do apologize for the length once I started my rant it just flowed. First, let me make a couple of things clear I am a conservative-have always been my entire life-I attended private Baptist Schools & grew up on a ranch-we learned hard work & responsibility as well as right from wrong. We owed nothing to any one nor did anyone owe us anything but to leave us alone to reach our potential. However, this was in the heart of the East Texas Piney Woods so I also grew up a Democrat. Texas in 1980s when I started college was a Democrat state-at least on a state level, we might vote Republican on a national level but our state politics were all Democrat. My dad was what I call today a JFK Democrat-if you aren’t familiar with that term it is a Democrat that still believed in America, that we were the best country on earth & while might not agree on every issue there was little doubt most Democrats also loved this country-most were WWII vets like Kennedy. Regardless of the liberal loon Teddy was JFK was not a liberal loon-he wasn’t about abortion, same-sex marriage, he believed in God & said so. People tend to forget that this type of Democrat ever existed-but they did all over the south & to some extent some do still today.

The other factor to the Democrat/Republican issue that many in other areas over look is that until last 30 years in the south the very word Republican was repugnant. It was associated with Lincoln & Reconstruction-while obviously none of us lived through this period, my grandfather’s dad did & he grew up with this still hanging over the south’s head. Was he a Democrat, yes he was, did he ever vote Republican, yes he did-he voted for Ronald Reagan. Was he a Democrat registered until the day he died yes he was, as was my grandma, daddy, mom, etc. Now what has set me off on this rant is the absolute stupidity of some people about Governor Rick Perry being a former Democrat & Al Gore campaign manager.

First since so MANY consider Reagan a hero let’s talk about Reagan was a Democrat, was OLDER than Rick Perry when he flipped parties. About that time this very ignorant person @Gopthinking said well Reagan was a Republican a long time before became President. News Flash guys!!! Do your research. Reagan was a Republican for 16 yrs when he was elected President. Rick Perry has been a Republican for 22 years.

As for Al Gore, many like this @Gopthinking person have no clue of Al Gore of that time period. It was not the Al Gore of today (about 5 yrs ago Perry pretty much called Gore of today a loon himself). Either you weren’t born, forgot, didn’t participate in politics or are just flat too lazy like @Gopthinking to research before running mouth. Al Gore the year that Gov. Perry was his campaign director in TX-ran on defunding Planned Parenthood, voted against banning hand gun sales across state lines (in other words was pro-gun) putting prayer BACK in school, a family values platform-anyone else recall Tipper’s initiatives towards music/television/movies? Gore lost the primary to Dukakis because he was too conservative-this is about time that the Democrat party that granted had been slanting more & more left took the hard left turn. Rick Perry left the Democrat party at this time. Also worth noting during the 2 yrs prior & 2 yrs after so did a lot of other prominent politicians that are today respected as some of the most conservative out there. Anyone want to call Judge Roy Moore a liberal? How about Gov Bob Riley? Maybe Senator Shelby (he is rino not liberal)?

While we are on the subject of that old election. Please don’t anyone try to sell Herbert Walker Bush as the Conservative in that race-even then the GOP was all about Moderates. Dick Gephardt & Al Gore were considered the Conservatives by everyone.

The facts are clear, Governor Rick Perry was KNOWN do your research to be a conservative when he was a Democrat. It seems that the ONLY thing anyone has to use against him is stuff that silly liberals & RINOS have been trying to use for years & that has already been debunked-not just once but over & over. Since I am addressing stupid statements I’ll go ahead & address a couple of more although they are so ridiculous hardly worth my time.

The Bildenburger (or however you spell it) speech, just because you give a speech to an international organization ONE time very much out in the open (it wasn’t like he sneaked off duh), the speech was on energy-not really odd for Gov of largest energy producing state to give a speech. He has given 100s of them over last 11 years all over the world.

Guardsil he did the executive order because-the CDC highly recommended, I am sure his wife being a nurse played a role in it & that he truly believed it was good for girls. HOWEVER, what people try to spin is a LIE. From the start, the original executive order is posted as law requires on Texas Govt. site-Gov Perry INCLUDED opt out option for parents. So, please get off the “forced” crap it is way too easy to debunk & makes you sound dumb.

He is not for Amnesty-has always been against, will always be against. He did say AZ Bill is NOT for Tx & I agree with him-read the thing, it is a convoluted law that was badly & confusingly written that is still causing problems for AZ law enforcement in understanding. Yes, he is against a Fence, as a rancher’s daughter I am against the fence. One it is a waste of money that would be ineffective they are already tunneling under in placed & 2 the terrain in many parts of Tx does not lend itself to a fence. Gov Perry knows the answer is boots on the ground, drones & things of this nature. Yes, we have to deal with immigration however, we have to close borders first.

Yes Gov Perry signed the Texas Dream Act-with support of 100% of the legislators & senators & majority of Texans. It is NOTHING like what Reid & Democrats want. It is very limited & very restrictive applying only to school. First, they have to be able to prove have lived in Texas 3 years, 2nd they have to have GRADUATED a TEXAS (not any other state) high school & 3rd they have to applied for citizenship FOR in-state tuition-not free tuition, just plain in-state tuition. BTW the Supreme Court ruled you cannot use legal status to deny education.

No Gov Perry did NOT threaten for Texas to leave the Union. What he actually said when asked about it was that you never could tell if what would happen if the Federal Govt kept on. (that is not precise quote but the gist of the comment) He also clearly stated that we had a very good Union & that he saw no reason to leave the union.

Under Gov Perry my state has thrived. I first voted for Rick Perry when he ran for Ag Commissioner-his 1st state office & my 1st chance to vote . I may not have had the best reasons at that time but the women will understand this-he came to our county fair to campaign & my goodness he had a wrangler butt & had me from hello. Have I agreed with him every single issue since that time, no I haven’t. But what I do know is that he has been good for this state, he cares about the people, he is a veteran who loved this country enough to lay his life on the line. No candidate is going to be perfect. What we have to do is be & I know this is hard for some that are so emotionally invested in a candidate is rationally as well. Rick Perry has every advantage that no other candidate has against Barack Obama. When Obama whines about inheriting Bush’s economy well so did Rick Perry. Both also inherited Bush’s credit rating-Obama decreased his, while Perry raised his. As far as being tough enough, he hasn’t backed down from Obama, Holder, the UN, or Mexico yet & besides that is not something any Texan is really good at doing. Yes, he is a 10th amendment supporter, life time member of NRA, if you haven’t read Fed-Up you should, it is his governing philosophy. Many say well is US ready for another Texas president-facts are we have only had 2 – Lyndon B Johnson & Dwight David Eisenhower. Rick Perry has created jobs when no one else has been able to. When Romney was Gov of Ma there is not only Romneycare but his job record is poor, the economy of MA was flat during his time & jobs were not added-& this was during the up time in economy-same with Pawlenty in WI. We have to elect a fighter, & that is what Rick Perry is. Another Texas Tweeter @scottbraddock said the other night, “Texas is littered with the bodies of political opponents that have underestimated Rick Perry.”


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