Who Are We As A Country?


We are no longer the Constitutional Republic created by our Founders. We are no longer a Capitalist country. We are no longer a country of small government. We are no longer a Free country. How did we get to where we are today? Who is responsible and why?

As a country we are now Socialist. When you have over forty percent of the people living on government (taxpayer) hand outs and paying no taxes you are a Socialist state period. When the government is so big it controls the banks, owns the auto manufacturing companies, and controls healthcare, that is Socialism.

There are a large number of idiots in this country who wield most of the power to control the lives of the masses. These people are largely the so-called educated. They spend their entire lives in a theoretical world. They start in kindergarten, spend the next twenty five years getting their PHD, and then begin teaching others with no world experience theoretical bull. They never really have to interact in the real world. They never own or run a business or even have to work as a regular employee because they have tenure and can’t be fired by the universities they teach at. Yet they convince their students they have all the answers when in reality they don’t even know the questions. Sadly the current president is a perfect example of this.

These people can make Socialism work on paper so they think everyone who has tried it before has done it wrong, and it is still an ideal form of government. Universities are by nature Socialist. They are supported by tax dollars and their employees can’t be fired no matter how bad their work is. One of the first organizations freshmen are asked to join is the Socialist Party. Many of these people go on to political careers and continue to live on taxpayer money. Woodrow Wilson was the president of Princeton before becoming president of the US and the harm done to this country under his presidency is legion. He is the reason we have the United Nations which is the worlds biggest whorehouse and nothing more, but it sounded good on paper. wilson, roosevelt, johnson, carter, and obama (not capitalized by intent) are the primary reasons these country is now Socialist. All one needs to do is look at the Czars obama has working for him. They are all Socialist or outright Communist.

Political correctness also originated on university campuses and by people who want to socially engineer our lives to their desires. The constitution still allows us to hate each other, to offend each other, and to not want to associate with each other. It allows us to be intolerant of things we don’t want to tolerate. It allows us to not diversify if we choose not to. People used to be shamed by society for immoral acts. Now they want to shame us for being independent. They want to shame us for having reasonable expectations of others, and not being willing to accept less. We are allowed to expect people to take responsibility for their lives and their finances, and to not a be burden on society. We are allowed to get a free education and expect others to do the same. We are allowed to ignore the excuses PC people make for people who refuse to assimilate into our society after being here for four hundred years. We are allowed to be against illegal immigration. We are allowed to want one language and for it to be spoken properly.

You may not need to read this, but I needed to write it.



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