Life Is About One Of Two Choices


Life is really nothing more than two choices. The choices are the will God or the will man. You must put your faith in one or the other. There are no exceptions. We can twist things, rationalize them, or do our best to justify them in the name of many different goals in life, but in the end of life we all must live with our choice. If one makes no conscious choice, he chooses man’s will by default. Again no exceptions.

This life is a battle between good and evil. How one defines good and evil will affect their choice, and it will certainly affect their own eternity.

Life is only as complicated as you make it. People have struggled with this choice since Adam and Eve because we are born with a sinful nature. This is a very difficult thought to wrap your arms around for most of us. I would suggest reading Dr. Martin Luther’s “Bondage of Will” (circa 1526) for a better understanding of our sinful nature.

Humans are naturally arrogant creatures. Many marvel at the accomplishments of brilliant men over the years and conclude man can and will solve all of the worlds problems. When there are no real problems men will invent problems such as global warming, or some other impending disaster from which the planet needs to be saved. It’s not about the planet. It’s about freedom or enslavement. This is the mindset that led to leaders like Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and others who are responsible for the deaths of over 200 million people, and the enslavement of millions more in the 20th century alone.

There are many well intentioned people who truly want to do good things, but because they reject God’s will they are confounded by man’s will into believing they can direct their own eternity by good deeds. In this exorcise of futility they subject themselves to the will of evil men who want power and control.

If man would just keep the ten commandments the world would be a wonderful place. The problem is man cannot keep the commandments. That is the reason God gives us the opportunity to live under His grace. To live under His grace one must submit to His will, and experience a new spiritual birth through His Son Jesus Christ.

You will be judged by the light which is shed upon you. If you have read this you have a choice to make. Make it well. If you choose man’s will I feel sorry for you.

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  1. You’re going to fail every time if you put your faith in some imaginary being.

    • I don’t worry about failure, but I do feel sorry for you Ben.

      • Why, because I don’t believe in some fairytale made up almost 2,000 years ago? I feel sorry for you and your kind. You’re living a life of delusion.

      • Ben, can you tell me where matter came from? Can you tell me why Hawkins hasn’t figured out how to heal himself? Yes I feel sorry for you because you are living the fairytale that everything came from nothing.

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