I Watched “Forrest Gump”

I watched “Forrest Gump” for the about tenth time last night (there was nothing else worth watching). It reminded me how repugnant hippies were in the sixties. They were everything our parents didn’t want us to be. They were among many other things obnoxious, dirty, weak, cowardly, drugies. They infested our colleges and universities because they could get a military draft deferment by doing so. If they majored in education, they were almost sure to avoid the draft, and at the same time put themselves in a position to live off the government, while corrupting future generations.

Many of the hippie generation have never lived life in the real world. They have been in school their entire lives. Academics live in a theoretical world. To some extent it’s like the old saying, “Them that can do-Them that can’t teach”. These people have never had to make hard decisions in life. They haven’t had to say “you are fired”, or “I can’t make payroll this week”. They can make anything work on paper, but in the market place they wouldn’t make it for ten minutes.

In the 1950’s there was no ADD, or the dozens of other mental illnesses that we drug kids for today. There were and always will be kids who were mental basket cases, but for the most part a paddle solved all of the discipline problems. Children who had completed the eighth grade were smarter than many high school graduates today. They could certainly read at an eighth grade level, and had math skills that would be envied by many high school graduates today.

A major reason for this change is just that. “Change”. Change for the sake of change makes sense only to an academic. Most of the things that are screwed up in this country are that way because someone tried to fix something that wasn’t broken. Then it never occurred to them to go back to what did work. They just kept changing things until they forgot where, or even why they started.

The elitist academics such as obama (yes, I refuse to capitalize) and his minions are the real danger because they do have a purpose in life even though it is warped. They know more than we do. They are the ones who can make Marxism work, stop the seas from rising, and save the planet. Although I’m not quite sure what these brilliant elitists are trying to save it from. Must be from us average people!

Guess I need to stop watching “Forrest Gump”.


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