Obama and His Marxist Minions

Ninety nine percent of this countries problems can be boiled down to two people. Obama, and Marx. It is beyond belief the problems these two have caused both here, and around the world, and it is all intentional. It has been planned for over 100 years by Marxists in this country. They started it seriously with Wilson, it was nudged forward by Carter, and Johnson, and is now on steroids because of Obama. Obama is a Marxist. The talking heads, and pundits can ignore that, but their ignoring it doesn’t change his policies, and his policies are Marxist.

Obama talks about going back to Bush’s failed policies because he can’t justify his own Marxist policies. Bush’s policies were for the most part tried, and proven policies that have been used for decades by government. Every single division in this country was planned by Obama, and his minions. Does divide, and conquer sound familiar? Were whites, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Christians, and others ever this divided? The only time period that even approached this amount of division was the sixties, and that division was during the Johnson administration. Keep in mind Johnson is part of the problem.

Obama’s strings are pulled by people like George Soros, and too many others just like him to mention. They all have things in common. They are all part of what they presume to be an elite class of wealthy Marxists. They think they know what is best for everyone else. They think the only reason Marxism has failed is because it was controlled by the wrong people, and they are the right people to make it work.

George Soros’s life story is a pathetic example of how one should not live. He has made his fortune, by taking advantage of the currency markets, and causing problems for entire nations. He has a Messianic view of himself, and no sympathy, or compassion for anyone. He is a Jew who hates being a Jew, and helped the Nazis round up Jews during WWII to be sent to concentration camps. He is called the man who broke the bank of England by selling short, and creating a lost decade for the English. Soros, and his ilk will have no compassion on the U.S.

It will take years to undo the Marxist policies Obama has put into law, if it can be undone. Undoing it will take time, and continue to divide the country along perceived social class lines, which in reality don’t exist. The U.S. offers equal access to free education, and education, or lack there of is the biggest distinction between those who do well, and those who don’t. Under Marxism there are also two classes. The elites, and the rest. Guess which one you will be in. The entire “Global Warming” issue is about nothing more than wealth redistribution. It has been tried before, and debunked before. Marxists know if they tell the same lies often enough there are enough uneducated people who will believe them. They also take advantage of a “Feel Good” mentality which permeates the average liberal in this country, IE:save the planet-save the world.

Our immigration problems can be traced back to James Earl Carter’s administration, and the Hart-Cellar Act of 1965. This act totally change our immigration system. Rather than allow immigration based on what was best for the country, as it had been done for many years the Hart-Cellar Act based it on ethnicity. This act was pushed through the senate by Ted Kennedy. He knowingly lied about the long term effects of the law. The act opened our borders to third world countries, bringing millions of people here who had no skills, and only brought more crime, illiteracy, disease, and poverty.

If we continue on this path we will be a third world country. If you believe it can’t happen you were not alive during the breakup of the Soviet Union. Once the breakup started it only took about a month. If you think it can’t happen, may God help you because He will be the only one who can.

If you don’t intend to vote for someone who will uphold the constitution in November, please don’t vote at all. Please also consider moving to Europe. Perhaps Greece would work for you.

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  1. Thank you for clearly articulating the complex situation the USA has gotten themselves into! HOAX and MARX ~ rightly said! OUR make-believe leader in our White House is a puppet whose strings R being pulled by various other Marxists,besides EVIL George Soros, who do not deserve 2 be living in this great nation! I pray that enough Americans are now awake to see how complex the untangling will be. With God’s help it can be done, but it will take much work from very dedicated leaders! God bless your leadership!

  2. Great Job, says it all in pretty plain English.

  3. I have always maintained that Marxism is a way to understand the way society changes “SCIENTIFICALLY!”
    My understanding of the “Scientific Method.” is that SCIENTISTS do not believe! They either “KNOW or they DO NOT KNOW!”
    “Belief” is the absence of knowing, and that is why BELIEVERS must rely on FAITH to eliminate doubt from what they believe in.
    Scientists do not have or need FAITH , because their understanding is determined by “EVIDENCE” and the more verifiable evidence that the scientists have, the more probability that the findings of those that use the scientific method is correct.
    Philosophy cannot be an objective understanding of OBJECTIVE REALITY.
    The product of a philosophers abstract thinking. It is primarily not based on the discovery of evidence, but is the inner workings of the philosophers brain. It is SUBJECTIVE NOT OBJECTIVE!
    “DIALECTICS is based on the “PHILOSOPHY of Hegel! But what MARX did with the philosophy of Hegel, was to turn HEGEL’S philosophy on it’s head and turn it into it’s opposite of what it formerly was.
    Marx turned Hegel’s “Dialectic,” from a subjective Metaphysical philosophy of “How many angels could dance on the head of a needle,” to a Objective Materialist Science. A science that became “DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM!”
    Dialectical Materialism is the understanding that Matter is PRIMARY and nothing exists outside of MATTER IN MOTION!
    It is impossible to destroy or create the matter that exists, so the only conclusion that can be scientifically arrived at is that MATTER ALWAYS EXISTED!
    Matter is constantly changing and the way it changes from one form to another form that is incidentally a more evolved form, …is by moving in a DIALECTICAL way that is forced to do so by the irreconcilable contradictions that exist inside of all forms of matter and everything that reflects “MATTER IN MOTION!” 

    When Hegel’s Dialectics was transformed by Karl Marx it was no longer a subjective philosophy. It became an objective SCIENCE!
    Qualitatively different from what it formerly was.

    All true scientists attempt to discover what is objectively true and they attempt to do so by approaching their subject matter with as much of an open mind as is humanly possible.
    To do otherwise would prejuidice their scientific findings and would contaminate what they were scientifically attempting to do.

    Because my understanding of Dialectical Materialism is objective and not subjective.
    It would not be rational for me to BELIEVE in Dialectical Materialism, because It is not an “IDEOLOGY! It is a SCIENCE!
    A Science of understanding of what occurred in the past and what is occurring in the present and consequently what will occur in the future.

    Because it is a scientific understanding. and it is not an “IDEOLOGICAL BELIEF, I cannot believe in what events will happen in the future! … I can SCIENTIFICALLY know what events will happen in the future!
    I know that ‘Socialism will follow Capitalism and that Communism will follow Socialism!
    This is not what I believe, this is what I know!
    SCIENCE is capable of predicting outcome. Science when it understands a particular cause can accurately predict the particular effect of that particular cause.
    Science using the scientific method can accurately predict the future!
    Those that enter the arena to argue that MARXISM is an IDEOLOGY or a PHILOSOPHY is dead wrong and does the science of Marxism a disservice!

    • You may maintain whatever you choose too, but the fact is that Marxism is nothing more than a theory. A very flawed theory at that. That isn’t debatable. He would have been better served to have left it as Helel’s philosophy.

      Your understanding of “scientific method” also needs to be revisited. Scientists are as far from unbiased as anyone else. There mistakes are both infamous and legion. At one time they were in agreement that the earth was flat. Many times “scientific facts” are later dis-proven, that is a very common occurrence. The entire scientific global warming community have been disgraced because of their bias in wanting to redistribute the wealth of the world, just as they were in the 1920s. Marxism is, has been, and always will be a warped “IDEOLOGY”. Totally controlled by mankind.

      You are also excepting as fact that matter always existed, and “It is impossible to destroy or create the matter that exists, so the only conclusion that can be scientifically arrived at is that MATTER ALWAYS EXISTED!”. This is also flawed thinking. Who created matter? What is matter? Where did matter come from? Why is matter here? When did matter come in existence? Believing that everything comes from nothing requires a GIANT LEAP into putting your faith in man, and man’s reasoning. Some such as you are willing to take that leap. I am not. I have never known, or known of a man who wasn’t flawed. I am delighted to put my faith in God, and His Son Jesus Christ. At the very worst I will have lived a decent life, but in my reality I will someday be with Him. In my humble opinion Karl does God a disservice.
      Best Regards

  4. Y’all get way too fancy with your arguments for me. Let’s cut to the chase. Marxism doesn’t work, neither does socialism. A country without God can not stand & will not stand-look at the former Soviet Union. End of story, end of discussion. America was founded on Judeo-Christian values & independence & we have to get back to the basics & who we are-which is not a nanny country.

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