Barack The Angry Negro

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  1. Love your youtube barack angry, etc. first of all the biggest lie told is that Obama is the first black president. I am black. My ancestors picked cotton. His didn’t. I was humiliated seeing colored in rear signs on every bus I got on in the south. He wasn’t he was registered as a muslim in school in Indonesia or in a fancy prep school in Hawaii. My father fought in ww2 his didn’t. He was studying to be a better communist, i guess.

    I was alarmed when you said who’s angry, white people are angry. There are MANY American black people speaking out against this freud president. Erik Rush Black man, who wrote a book Negrophilia warning that the Progressives are brain washing black people. He took the info about Wright (actually, wrong) to Hannity. Larry Elder another American black wrote the book, Stupid Black men exposing Sharpton and Jessie Jackson for the evil men they are. There’s Charles Payne, Michael Myers, Angela McGowan, Star Parker (running for congress. Says Obama’s Agenda is not America’s Agenda) Tim Scott (also running for Congress),people from Project 21. African American Conservatives, and so many many others. Glenn did two shows with American black conservatives audiences. Do not think that only white people see through this man, these people. We new American black people see ourselves as Americans first. Do not leave us out of any movement to put our Country back on the right Path. I have written so many e-mails to Beck warning him about sucking up to Sharpton.

    We lovers of America are in this fight to take back America together, no matter what our skin color is.

    michelle birdsong

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