The Money Behind The Insanity

Five years ago I wouldn’t have believed the amount of money behind the Marxist causes in this country nor would I have believed the tenacity of the people who control the money.

People who have in many ways benefited from our capitalist economy now want to destroy it. The people who know what’s best for us, people who’s life goal is to be the ruling class, and make every decision regarding our lives from cradle to grave. Men like Peter B. Lewis (Progressive Ins Co.), George Soros (Quantum Fund), John Sperling (Apollo Group,Inc.-Phoenix University), and far too many more to name are billionaires willing to give millions to organizations such as Move Daily Kos, Media Matters, and other socialist media organizations as well as the ACLU. They are very greedy people, but they have so much money that a million here and there is nothing to them except a tax write off. They give money to many, many groups such as ACORN, and other groups whose goals are Marxism. Any group that will further their goal of Marxism is on their radar as a group that can find funding from their billions.

Marxism doesn’t effect the rich or ruling class. To them it is a great social experiment that has been tried and failed many times, but the reason for the failure was always because the “right” people weren’t running it. They obviously consider themselves to be the “right” people.

The foundation for Marxism in this country started with Woodrow Wilson, was furthered by Franklin Roosevelt, Kennedy-Johnson, James E. Carter, and is being pushed over the finish line by Barack Obama. Lyndon B. Johnson is most remembered for “The Great Society” and all the legislation that came with it. The most devastating act signed into law by Johnson was the “Hart-Celler Act” passed in 1965. This act removed the immigration quota system and paved the way for tens of millions of illegal immigrants to flood into this country and exhaust our economy as well as our patients.

The ruling class uses these unknowing and uneducated people to further it’s goals by promising them everything for nothing other than their vote.

The ruling class in this case as in all cases is cruel, and cold when it comes to the very poor that they have created. The ruling class is a scourge, a leprosy on every nation they are in. Unlike the wealthy people in a capitalist country who will freely give in reasonable taxes, and charity to the poor, the ruling class despises the poor. Everything from cradle to grave is rationed on the basis of age, health, and the productivity of the proletariat (working class).

A millionaire is poor to these people, they are billionaires. That makes one of them a thousand times richer than a millionaire even if they only have one billion, and in most cases these are multibillionaires. Most live in a theoretical world, not the same world the masses live in.

These people in some ways are brilliant, but they are also out of control. They have spent scores of years achieving this goal and they will not give it up easily if at all. The only recourse starts in the elections in November 2010. If we don’t slow them down again it will be too late.

If you know someone who will vote as a conservative in November take them to vote even if they are kicking an screaming all the way there. There is no other alternative, other than armed insurrection, and that won’t happen because those of us willing are to old, and by the time the younger people decide to do it, it will be too late.


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