Keep Your Eye On The Ball

I am of the firm belief that Barry Obama is the most corrupt man to ever enter the White House. Not just as President, but the most corrupt person period.

Barry was dumped by his mother and father on his white grandparents as a child. He was mentored by a black communist at the behest of his white grandfather. He has stated he relates to blacks and not whites. He doesn’t have an allegiance to any country, but rather an allegiance to an Ideology. That ideology is Marxism.

I believe that Barry sees Marxism as a way to achieve reparations for blacks, about whom he really doesn’t care. He cares about one person and that is himself. He has a warped sense of how he wants this country to be and he will stop at nothing to accomplish what he wants done.

Barry has no morals. In his theoretical world the end justifies the means ( as Saul Alinksy taught) , just as it did with Mao, Hitler, and so many others.

Keep your eye on the ball. At this moment Barry isn’t concerned with the Gulf oil spill or immigration reform. He is concerned with one issue and that is “Cap & Trade” period. He will use the other issues as he has so often done to distract people from his real goal of taxing the U.S. into bankruptcy and turning us into a third world nation. This in his warped way of thinking will make everyone equal in this country. It won’t help black people because contrary to popular belief there are so many entitlement programs they are already eligible for such as medicaid, food stamps, housing allowance, home heating programs, and the list goes on, that there is no way they can go hungry, homeless, or without healthcare, or any other needs. They have affirmative action that lets them cut in line ahead of all other races. So just how does Marxism help them? It doesn’t. What it does do is lower the living standard of the working middle class to the level of people who can’t or won’t work and that includes middle class blacks. Marxism makes people equally poor except for the ruling class. It always has and it always will. That’s what Marxism is and that’s what Barry is.

Obama is the most destructive President we have ever seen in large part because he took advantage of the foundation laid by Wilson, Roosevelt, and Carter. I seriously doubt if the destruction he has done will ever be repealed. The republicans are to weak to stand up and say this is treason, and must to stop. They have given no indication that they have the nerve to do what needs to be done. Young people in this country have been dumbed down by liberal academia. They don’t even know the history of this country. They have been taught an entitlement attitude that makes them weak. The people over age 50 are too old, too tired, or just not able to do what is necessary to reverse this destruction.

The only thing that I can see changing things is something I believe the Founders of this country would have done in similar circumstances, and would approve of today. That is for 1 million plus people to show up in Washington with long barrel guns and side arms and take this country back. That would be 1 million armed citizens against 100 senators, 435 congressmen, and 1 president. 1 million against 536 is pretty good odds. It’s sad that we have strayed so far from our Constitution, but we have, and if we don’t stop it now, or if we wait for someone else to do it, it will never happen.


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  1. One thing is for certain, Obama is full of himself. He’s a vain, know-it-all, self-serving fellow who has been detached from reality his entire life.

    Buy a Tea Party shirt and support Marine Parents!

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