From The Heart

I am not an articulate writer so please bear with if I ramble a bit.

The time has come to choose sides in this country. The time has come to divorce ourselves from the delusion they we can have it both ways in life. Socialism-Marxism do not mix with capitalism. The time has come to realize things such as political correctness, diversity, transparency, and many other popular words of the day really do not matter. We must accept reasonable expectation that if you choose the correct side you will be called racist, homophobes, heartless, and whatever names they will hang on you for being against illegal immigration.

I may not know a lot of things in life, but the ones I do know I know very well. I know that this country was founded by men who believed in God, and that the only chance this young country had for survival was Divine Providence. Because we honored God we not only survived, we thrived like no nation before in history. We became a tool for good works around the entire globe. We became the gatekeeper for kindness, empathy, a place to turn to for food or help in a disaster. As Ronald Reagan said “ A Shining City on a Hill”.

When the children of Israel (God’s chosen people) turned their backs on God, He turned his back on them.

The United States of America has turned it’s back on Him. We have thrown Him out of Schools, Universities, as well as Local, State, & Federal government. Many deny His existence, particularly in academia, and scientific circles. You are ridiculed by the so-called intellectual elite if you believe God created everything that exists. You are called a Neanderthal Creationist. I have yet to hear from these brilliant people how nothing became what is. If it was a big bang where did the material come from that caused it? It’s just too much of a reach for me to make.

The side I choose is God. The side I choose is that of our founders. The side I choose is Divine Providence. The side I choose is the Constitution and The Bill of Rights.

It would take volumes of books to reflect all that I see wrong with our country and the reasons why it has become that way, but the bottom line is that Marxists, Progressives, Liberals, or what ever name you choose to call them for the last 80+ years have taken this country on a Godless destructive path that I don’t believe there is any return from. I hate to be a pessimist, but when 47% of the people in this country pay no taxes and get benefits from government entitlement programs, why would they vote for anyone who advocated self sufficiency or personal responsibility?

My motto over the years has become “It Will All Work Out”, and in that respect I am not a pessimist. Another thing I know is that God doesn’t have a dream, or a wish. He has a plan and everything will be according to that plan. So I know it will all work out.

In the interim I will fight as hard as I can to promote God, our Constitution, Individual Freedom, Individual Responsibility, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. I will trust in Christ to provide for every need I might have.

I will not accept abuse for what I believe in from anyone. I will state my beliefs to anyone, at anytime, in anyplace, because I truly believe in Freedom of Speech, and not just for those who choose to criticize me, but for myself also. I will fear no man. I will fear no government. I will fear no authority. I will ONLY fear GOD. The reason I fear God is because His Judgment is Just, and no human can face that without Christ.

I will challenge anyone who disagrees with the things I believe in and demand that they discuss things using only verifiable facts. I don’t care how anyone FEELS things should be. I will be open to discussion with anyone on politics only if they understand and believe in our Constitution. Should they not abide by that document we have no basis for conversation.

Patriot 1949


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  1. Patriot,

    You represent, perfectly, why I have never been able to find a home in the Republican party or the self-labeled Conservative movement. You and I believe in a lot of the same things. I am an ardent supporter of the free-market. I believe socialism is based on faulty economics which have been shown to be faulty in every country that has ever tried to implement them. I believe in strict adherence to the Constitution and in an EXTREMELY limited government. I believe in personal responsibility and personal reward for risk thoughtfully taken. I’m a Libertarian, Patriot, and I think that Monday through Saturday, you and I might get along just fine. Unfortunately, I think Sunday is gonna be a problem.

    Your insistence on including God in the politics of our nation creates a political philosophy that is both inconsistent and lacks credibility. Republicans claim to champion personal freedom according to the original intent of the Constitution, yet they constantly seem to be on the wrong end of legislation intended to curb that freedom. Gay marriage, abortion, drug laws, media censorship, pre-emptive armed conflict, school prayer and foreign aid are just a partial list of the issues which Republicans and Conservatives have taken a stand on and that would be anathema to what Thomas Jefferson (a non-theist, by the way) would have thought appropriate for that young nation he helped to build in the 1700’s. The Republican party is not a party of small-government or personal liberty. The Republican party is a party of forced morality. It is a theocracy which seeks to shove it’s antiquated religious superstitions down the throats of everyone in the world–at the point of a gun if necessary.

    Christians often ask why atheists are so “angry” or why they seem hell-bent (pun intended) on arguing with people of faith. You are the answer. Atheists like me see people like you–who believe in much of what is good about being an American–and a human being, for that matter–but who lack the courage to “take it all the way”, and it frustrates us. Even if you want to hold on to your religious beliefs, you have to be willing to allow others to live AS THEY CHOOSE if you are to claim the title of “patriot” or “defender of freedom”. That means you have to accept that gays, stoners, gansta’ rappers, muslims and everyone else who doesn’t follow the edicts of YOUR god have just as much right to live their lives as you do. THEN, you can call yourself a patriot with a clean conscience.

    • It is not my “insistence on including God in the politics of our nation” that matters. It is the insistence of our founders that makes it important. Even Jefferson went to church as President. He, like the others knew that without some moral compass, there would be chaos everywhere. There would be no civility in society at large.

      As you are well aware we are also a nation of laws, and most of those laws were derived from the constitution. Again without laws we would have nothing but chaos.

      Personal freedom is not an unlimited right. It carries with it personal responsibility. Personal responsibility dictates you are liable for personal freedoms which you use to harm other people. We don’t have the personal freedom to murder people, steal from them, take their property, and abuse their finances the way gay marriage, abortion, and Gansta’ rappers do, by adversely effecting Social Security benefits, Medicaid, and crime.

      Personally, I don’t care what anyone believes. It is none of my business. It is not my job to judge anyone and I have no intention of doing so.

      I do not “lack the courage” “to take it all the way”. We just have a different opinion of where all the way is. I believe my opinion of “all the way” reflects the views of the founding fathers fairly accurately and it also reflects my religious views accurately. I believe in religious freedom and freedom to not be religious, but I know the founders believed in a Godly directed moral society. I suggest you read The Life of George Washington by David Ramsay.

      I do respect your right to feel anyway you wish and I have studied Libertarianism and prefer conservatism. I also very much appreciate you taking the time and effort to leave a well thought out and well written comment. Please feel free to do so at anytime and I will approve them to be posted.
      Patriot 1949

  2. Patriot ~ Because I am a follower of Christ, I rest in peace with your words ~ Agnes Sanford wrote THE HEALING LIGHT ~ she believes it begins with us & how we lead our lives & witness to others ~ one LIGHT in a heart will turn on ~ one @ a time we bring in the lost to live in the LIGHT of JESUS CHRIST! May God continue to bless your work as we reach one American @ a time. Our nation is worth my life as I know you would do the same for your grandchildren!

    • June,
      Your comment is appreciated very much.

  3. *It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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