Thoughts on Memorial Day

I know it is very difficult to accept many of the changes that have occurred in the United States since Obama was elected, but accept we must, or we will drown without even knowing we were wet.

To understand we must first know who Obama is, based upon his murky past, and what few facts we do know. His father was an alcoholic, a communist, and a polygamist. Obama’s parents were divorced when he was two years old, and his father played no real part in his life. His mother also deserted him at a very young age and left most of his rearing to is grandparents. His childhood mentor, who was picked for him by his grandfather, was a black man named Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist party. Obama’s grandparents were very left leaning and probably communist. If they were not members of the Communist party, they were certainly sympathetic to communism.

Obama has carried on the long tradition of Socialism and Marxism, started by President Woodrow Wilson, continued, and enlarged by, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and Jimmy Carter.

Every one of the above mentioned presidents had or has heavy Marxist leanings. There is entirely too much evidence to inject here, but it takes little effort to find and read the truth about these men. One major difference is the prevailing attitude of the American people at the time each president was in office. Another interesting fact is that all of these presidents, perhaps with the exception of Johnson, were anti-war and anti-military. To them, wars and domestic disasters were, and are, mere distractions from their only real goal which is Socialism.

If you prefer to focus on only one thing that’s fine, as long as you understand the one thing Obama cares about is Socialism. That is, was, and will be his only focus. He doesn’t care about the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, he doesn’t care about the oil spill in the gulf, he hasn’t even mentioned the largest flood in the history of Nashville. He cares about Socialism and nothing else. If you understand that his only interest is Socialism, then and only then will you understand Obama.

Obama has to our misery been a very successful president. He has established in the American mind that some entities are too big to fail and must be bailed out with our tax dollars. He has increased government employment to the highest level in history and, for the first time in our history, government pay is outpacing the private sector. He has created a slush fund with the so-called stimulus bill to be doled out very much the way Roosevelt did during his presidency. He has repeatedly extended unemployment benefits, which at some point becomes nothing more than welfare and an incentive to not seek work. He has created an environment in which it is next to impossible to find work which makes people more dependent on government.

Obama’s crowning jewel is “National Health Care”. If he did nothing else during his four year Presidency that would be fine with him. Passing national health care goes back to Woodrow Wilson, and the Socialists had the patience of a saint and the single mindedness of a pit bull. They have waited nearly 100 years to reach this achievement, and now they have done it! The absolute fact that it will bankrupt and destroy this country is of no interest to them.

To simplify things for those who may not understand these people, pretend you have 1 million people in the underclass, 1 thousand people in the ruling class, and you have 2 million dollars. The underclass each gets 1 dollar from the first million and the ruling class each gets 1000 dollars from the second million and, since they decide who gets what and when, there is nothing you can do about it.

The same will be true for health care when it becomes rationed, which will be very soon. You will see rationed health care by 2020 if not sooner.

God Bless You


God Bless America


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  1. Patriot ~ you are much appreciated for sharing stats that so many complacent Americans do not know & sadly may not care to learn! Educating is a challenge as the Socialist NEA unions have dumbed down our youth & many of them are in this regime ~ Socialist czars who are daily dismantling our Constitution! Thanks for being one more voice as we re-teach Americana about the fabric of this great United States of America!

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