Profiling and Common Sense

Other than Timothy McVeigh when was the last time you heard of any US citizen of European decent committing a terrorist act on US soil? It just doesn’t happen. We hear a lot about Militias. At this point I have no interest in joining any type of Militia, but I don’t have a problem with those who do. Many people point to Waco and Ruby Ridge as nut jobs. As far as I am concerned when federal agents kill citizens rather than arrest them, when possible, and try them in court it is murder. There was no reason for Waco to have happened, or Ruby Ridge for that matter and they find it easy to justify killing innocent children.

The Socialist left wing in this country right now is up in arms about profiling. It should make you pause and think. How many illegal Polish, Irish, Hungarian, or English have you seen lately? How many from that same group have committed terrorist acts ever? When is the last time you heard about one from that group killing someone while here illegally smuggling drugs? When is the last time you heard about a Catholic, a Jew, or an Evangelical blowing up a truck bomb or being a suicide bomber in the US? It just doesn’t happen, much to the dismay of the main stream media, and to the Socialist left in this country.

You can’t believe anything you hear from the press or politicians and that is very sad. This is no longer a country with a free press. They are bought and paid for by liberals with tons of money and if they report the truth the money stops. Even though they can’t sell advertising and make money as they used to they are still preaching the gospel of the left. Politicians have always lied but not so blatantly. Think back to all of the lies that were told by the left wing politicians regarding the health care bill. They were terrified to go to town hall meetings with the very people who elected them. Many have resigned rather than face having to justify their vote on that bill and face defeat in the 2010 election.

The bottom line is that if you are in this country illegally and you can’t speak English, live in a house with 15 people, and mow lawns you are an illegal alien period. So is that profiling? No that is common sense. I you are a non-resident Muslim attending a radical Muslim church and you are from a middle eastern country why shouldn’t we check out your background? Unless you have something to hide it shouldn’t matter (that goes for Obama too). If a person falls into either of these groups they should be questioned at every opportunity. They are not US citizens and don’t have the rights of citizens.

Our President, and government along with the media have taken the side of the terrorists and illegals. We can’t count on them so we must count on each other. They spew the word “Profiling” like it is the Bubonic Plague or an incurable STD. It is just common sense to profile bad people. If police didn’t profile killers they would never be arrested. There is a difference between a serial killer and a person who commits a murder. If you can’t profile them and define them you will never make an arrest. It appears the real criminals in this case are the ones who support terrorism and illegals. That is called aiding and abetting. When the President of the US criticizes those who want our laws enforced and helps those who are breaking it he is just flat out wrong and a disgrace to the office in which he sits passing judgment against those who elected him.

Obama’s agenda is Socialism in this country. Anything else is just a minor distraction, and the sooner we all stand up, speak our minds, and stop the destructive BS of political correctness the closer we will be to perhaps stopping at least some of this carp. Get it through your head OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST.


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