Illegal Immigration

We are at a point in this country were the very foundation ( the constitution ) has been damaged perhaps beyond repair. The type of damage that has been done will reach into infinity. The so-called Heathcare law will attract even more illegal immigration in the future as well as attract even more citizens to the welfare rolls. Given that less than 50% of the people will be paying taxes in the near future the Socialists, led by Obama will have an unbreakable voting majority. If people who disagree with these policies are serious enough there could be a revolution or civil war in this country. That is not likely because most of the people who disagree with these policies are law abiding people and not prone to violence. They are suburban, and rural people who just want to work, and be left alone. Many are also like frogs being boiled in pot. The water has been warm for a very long time and now as it heats up they won’t believe the danger is here until it is too late. Obama, Soros, Peter Lewis, John Sterling, and so many others goal is to create a permanent welfare class, and a permanent ruling class, and they are well on their way to getting that done. The quickest way to get that done is to give amnesty and voting rights to 11-15 million illegal immigrants, and get blacks to the polls in mass.

There are some very simple facts of life that we all need to face, and I would be a liar if I didn’t say those facts are enough to make me sick. Healthcare is the law of the land and it will NOT be repealed. Banks have been Socialized, Manufacturing has been nationalized either by loans or Healthcare, Energy has been Socialized and will be completely Socialized via Cap and Trade. We are a Socialist Nation at this point. It may not be that obvious today but the foundation is in place.

It is just not possible to round up 11-15 million people and send them back. There is no infrastructure in place for that kind of undertaking, and that is not the goal of either political party for perhaps different reasons. First and foremost we must stop the bleeding by what ever means is necessary and by spending what ever capitol it takes. Until we close our borders to illegal immigration we will be tax slaves to all who cross. Most Mexican illegals have very little if any education so they become an immediate burden on our total resources including, but not limited to education, medical, language barriers, and our criminal system. Illegals as a family of four can cost over $50,000 per year each, because of all of the subsidies our tax dollars provide.

We also need to clamp down with an iron fist on any illegals who in any way break our laws (not withstanding they have already broken the law by being here). Any illegal convicted of a crime should be deported immediately after release from jail. With closed borders they would never have the opportunity to be here again. We also need to take the carrot away from them to enter our country to begin with. If an illegal needs medical treatment, treat them and deport them. If they are here to work we shouldn’t have to pay for their food stamps or subsidize their housing. Everyone, should by law have to learn English as a first language.

All I am asking is that they need to be made to live like Americans as opposed to being different than everyone else. In the earlier days of this country when most people immigrated to the US second generation Polish, Italian, Belgian, Hungarian, and many others spoke English as well as anyone else. That is not the case with Mexicans and it won’t be unless we force the issue, and it’s past time to do just that.

I am sick of pathetic people who will not close our borders, apologize to anyone for imaginary things this country has done, and can’t wait to be part of the ruling class. The only thing we can do is try to slow this down in November. We can’t stop it, but we can slow the growth of socialism for a few more years.

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