Thoughts on Healthcare “Law”

We now have another rail on the entitlement list which will further bankrupt this country if that is possible. This so-called “Progressive Movement” started with Herbert Hover back in the 1920’s and continued with FDR and LBJ. Now we have the back breaker for this country with BHO.

The talking points of this administration and the main stream press (both being the same) have been among others “our current healthcare system is unsustainable”, “millions of people don’t have health insurance”, people are dying for lack of healthcare”, and “people are dying in the streets”. I live in a county of about 270,000 people and in 60 years have never heard of one person dying from lack of healthcare. Many people have died in the streets, but it has been because of drugs, violence, or both. We have 5 free clinics in just 1 town in this county and they are staffed by competent, caring physicians. We also have a quality hospital that will treat you whether you have insurance or not.

Another talking point was that “insurance companies will drop you when you get sick”. That is against the law. Any insurance company who drops an ensured when they get sick would be fined by the state and sued into oblivion. That just doesn’t happen. They also, by law can’t raise your rates because you get sick. They can only raise your rates on a class or age basis, anything else is illegal. I owned five corporations involved in the Financial and Insurance Industry so I know of which I am speaking.

The current system does need to be changed, but not destroyed. There are many free market ways to change the current methods of doing business that would bring rates down and keep healthcare at or above the level of quality that it is now. Another reason rates are so high is because Medicaid reimbursement fees are so low. It would be better and less expensive to raise those reimbursement fees to doctors and hospitals than to trash the entire system and go to Socialized medical care. If that was done there would be no need for rationing as there will be in the future.

I don’t know how many of the bills passed by these Socialists can be repealed, but I do know if they aren’t we will soon become a third world country. I realize this is a strong statement, but think how long the Soviet Union existed, and how quickly it vanished. Socialism never makes the proletariat (people) more wealthy. It makes us all equally poor. It makes us everything our founders tried to protect us from.

This has all been planned for years and you have to admire their patience and methodical diligence to accomplish their goals, but they have arrived. Saul Alinsky said “The end justifies the means” and they have followed his rules for years on the way to the “end”. Now it is done. They now control Manufacturing, Banking, and the Healthcare Industry. Unemployment will continue in the 10% range from this point forward. Personal property will over time become a thing of the past. It’s sad, but I don’t see another Ronald Reagan in our future and if one does appear I fear it will be too late.

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