One Proud White American

I am discussed with people who do what ever they can to attempt to make me feel guilty about being white. This has been going on for decades and it is long past time for everyone to get over it. I am not going to list all of the things people usually say to justify feeling the way I do, because I have no reason to. Whether people like it or not this great nation was discovered by white Europeans. It was settled by white Europeans. Our freedom from the oppression of the British Crown was won after eight years of war by an inferior army led by George Washington. All of the skills were brought here by white Europeans. People such as Edison, Ford, DuPont, Einstein, and so many others were of white European descent. All of the inventions that made us what we are were made by descendants of white Europeans. The industrial revolution and on and on, came from white Europeans. People of this decent took us from oppression in Europe to the moon. They fought two world wars to free millions of people, to which we owed nothing, and yet we gave thousands of lives to make the world a better place. In short this country was built on the backs of white males.

At least, since Woodrow Wilson, our first “Progressive” President we have been subjected to people who for what ever asinine reason want us to feel guilt. They have called slavery the nation’s “Big Sin”. Slavery in any form, for any reason is the most despicable act that one human can subject another too. There is no justification ever for enslaving anyone. Slavery goes back to the stone ages and it continues to this day. The slaughter of innocents also goes back to the stone ages and continues to this day. Stalin and Mao alone murdered tens of millions. There is no reason to believe any of this will ever change as long as man controls his own destiny. There is also no reason to believe that some people won’t use this as an excuse to further their own causes, and you need to realize that their cause is not to help those who have suffered these calamities. Their cause is self centered and is nothing more than a means to gain money, power, or both.

I could list many, many people who fit this pattern, but if you don’t already know their names it would serve no purpose. These people are all the same. The end justifies the means to them, and the end is their gain at anyone else’s expense, but I digress.

In life we all have things to deal with. There are no exceptions. The issue isn’t what happens to you on this journey, but how you deal with it as a person or as a people. The Jews are often sited as an example, and for good reason. They have been enslaved, murdered by the millions, hated, blamed for everything, and scattered all over the earth. There are millions of people, and many countries today whose stated goal is to kill every Jew on earth. In spite of everything they have had to endure most have prospered. They have defeated every country who has engaged them as a nation. They are, contrary to popular opinion a very generous people and their contributions to the world are matched by few. Rather than use their circumstances as an excuse they took advantage of every opportunity, assimilated into the societies in which they have found themselves and prospered. They have never accepted the role of victim as a way of life.

When people accept the permanent status of victim they fall prey to the very people who believe that the end justifies the means. Those who enslave others come in all colors, and nationalities. Even of the same color as those being enslaved.

I went from first grade through High School with people whose ancestors were slaves. We had the same books and the same teachers. I can say without hesitation that I never witnessed discrimination of any manner during those twelve years. I can also say that as we progressed to higher grades during those twelve years the desire to assimilate with white society seemed to lessen for some reason. During that time the victim mentality also became more apparent.

We are now dealing with third and fourth generations of welfare recipients. The reason for this is because it is a way for money and power hungry people to get elected to office, and the unwillingness of others to shed the victim mentality and assimilate into society while breaking the mold of poverty. This permanent underclass will be here until the nation is bankrupted, which won’t be very long from now as we add new entitlements. These entitlement programs will not lift people out of poverty, they will lower the middle class to the poverty level.

I accept no blame for slavery. I also accept no blame for people who refuse to assimilate into society. As long as people choose to enslave others to the welfare system and as long as people are willing to accept this role in life there is nothing I can do about it. They have made their choice and I have made mine, and the beat goes on.

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  1. Just checking ur Blogs see if u had added anything God Bless you and your work Thanks my friend!!!!

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