This is a Domestic War for Our Country

I realize for many the thrill is gone and the battle is lost. I won’t bore you with all of the great comebacks that history has shown us in politics, sports, and wars. I will tell you this. The healthcare bill which was just pasted using every sleazy trick, bribes, and backroom deals that could be made is a war. It is a war for our way of life. If you are willing to settle for big government having total control of your life and living in a Socialist country then just kick back, give it no more thought and move on. Liberals have been working on this since Woodrow Wilson was in office. They have been very patient and very sneaky about what they are doing. One of their first big moves was Social Security back in the thirties another was medicare in the sixties. Let me remind you of something and then ask you a question. People got along just fine without Social security and Medicare for over one hundred years. What do you think would happen if you tried to take it away from them now? You would have elderly people on canes, crutches, and wheel chairs beating on anyone they could find to beat.

Think of just a few of the lies we have been told over the years regarding these “entitlements”. Your Social Security money is safe, it’s in a separate fund or “lock box”. OUR Social Security money has been spent on every lame ass thing you can think of, and now it is totally unfunded. For them to pay you they have to borrow the money from a foreign country. Every penny of this money was wasted. The premiums you have been paying into Medicare since the sixties has been wasted on earmarks to get politicians reelected year after year. WASTED!! Medicare is currently underfunded by 37 trillion dollars and if you add Social Security the amount is a staggering 74 trillion dollars. We used to be on the gold standard, but that didn’t allow for enough money for the insatiable appetite for spending that Washington has, so they did us the favor of taking us off the gold standard and put us on the credit standard.

Our economy is bankrupt. Do you really want to trust these people to run another entitlement program when we can’t pay for the ones we already have? They tell us about all of fraud in Medicare. They say it runs into the hundreds of millions. If they know that WHY DON’T THEY STOP IT? They treat us like the stupidest people in the world and I am beginning to believe they are right. I know we have the shortest memory of any country in the world.

In the end the only thing left to do is ration all things to the people. That is where Socialism always takes you. It won’t be just healthcare that is rationed, it will be everything food, clothing, heat, energy. It will be rationed by the same government that has been lying to you all of your life and you will just keep believing them until it is to late.

This bill if not repealed will not give healthcare to those who don’t have it, but it will take it away from those who do. We will all be on Medicaid not to be confused with Medicare. Medicaid is what people on welfare have and that’s where we will be.

Barack Obama is a Socialist and he is not going to change. To him this is a way to achieve reparations by making everyone equally poor. He is also a liar and that is not going to change. Call me a racist if you wish or anything else for that matter, but ask yourself one question first. Have I lied to you? Obama has.

You need to be 20 times more engaged now than you were before this destructive bill passed. You need to be angry and out front. You can’t worry about who you may offend. More importantly you need to worry about who you aren’t offending. If you are talking to a liberal you better offend them and try to wake them up. Our country and way of life is at stake and if they are to stupid to realize that then you need to save them from themselves. There will be no turning back, no second chance, this is it. The last stand. Once the federal infrastructure is in place there will be no changing it. These people are like cockroaches. When you open the door and let them in you will never get rid of them.


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