Welcome to The US Socialist Democracy

The President signed the healthcare bill into law today, and we will be living witnesses to one of the last steps of turning this country into a Socialist Democracy. Many of them have waited since the 1920’s for this event, and the last few steps to get that accomplished. Some of their goals have evolved over those many years. The biggest change in their plan probably was to go global via “Cap and Trade”, but it fits in very well in the larger scope of things. Back in the twenties, they were satisfied with a Socialist Democracy only in the US, but with Europe already embracing this form of government, it only makes sense to them to just take it global.

I must admit in the beginning of my research of these issues, I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to destroy our nation by lowering our standard of living to that of a third world country. In general, I am not a conspiracy theorist with few exceptions. The two exceptions were the assassinations of Kennedy and King ( Michael King legal name). It is difficult to accept that there are people in this country who truly admire the likes of Joseph Stalin and Mao Se dung. These two individuals make Hitler look like a choir boy. They are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of their own countrymen and neither expressed any remorse, in fact that was part of their plan. We have many people in positions of immense power in this country who look upon Stalin and Mao as mentors and sages. They emulate many of the same principles that brought these despots to power.

Having read thousands of pages of history from hundreds of sources, it becomes clear why people arrive at this mind set. The people who advocate these changes assume they will be part of the ruling class, and they are probably right. Those who are not part of the ruling class ( ie; actors, bankers, or anyone with enough money ), but who advocate Socialism will have enough money to purchase whatever they want or even escape to a different country to get away from the grief they have helped create. Many of these people are not well educated. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to be an actor and they have been duped into following their feelings rather than the cold hard facts of life. They want everyone to have everything whether they are willing to work for it or not. They want what they consider to be equality, and they are made to believe that can be accomplished through wealth redistribution. Wealth redistribution in reality is using the force of law to take from someone and give to someone else. Another way to put it is to steal from those who produce income and give to those who produce nothing. The problem is if the producers can’t benefit from their work, they stop producing. At that point the Socialist government steps in and starts rationing everything that formerly was plentiful. The end result is we are all equally poor.

This is not an accident, or because of a crisis, this is the fruition of many years of work, and planning on the part of many people, from Woodrow Wilson to George Soros. They have worked quietly behind the scenes to infiltrate our schools with curriculum that wasn’t noticed by most people. This curriculum has been taught to our children for years. While no one was paying attention, they have re-written history and made this change acceptable to most people under the age of fifty.

To say this saddens me or angers me would be a monumental understatement. I often think about men like George Washington, who in one battle had three horses shot out from under him and four bullet holes in his coat, and how he withstood eight years of war and refused to take a penny in payment for his services which he performed with honor and dignity. The people who are in control of this country today are not fit to shovel his horse’s manure. They are nothing more than lying scum when compared to Washington. I think about my father, who fought in the battle of the bulge, and many friends’ fathers who fought with honor and dignity in other theaters in WWII.

I remember when Nikita Khrushchev pounded his shoe on a table in the United Nations on October 12th 1960, and said the USSR would destroy the United States from within. He was at least right about it happening from within.

We are at a point in this nation’s history where all that remains to be done is to put the finishing touches on their work to make this nation a Socialist Democracy, and I believe that will happen.


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