Live Free or Die

If the health care bill passes the House of Representatives, every member who votes for it should be arrested, charged with treason and sedition, and tried immediately in a court open to the public. This should also include the members of the Senate who voted for it, and the president if he signs it. Treason and Sedition are defined as:
1. The offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
2. A violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state.
3. The betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.
This bill will have the effect of controlling
every aspect of our lives in direct violation of the constitution. It will have the full force and power of the United States to enforce laws requiring us to buy something at their direction, or to be fined for not doing so. If this isn’t an attempt to “OVERTHROW” or “HARM” our government will someone please tell me what is. The constitution is the very instrument upon which our government stands. Without the constitution we have no government. This bill is a “VIOLATION OF ALLEGIANCE TO ONE’S STATE”. “The betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery” is exactly what these people have done to the responsibility we the citizens of The United States have entrusted them with. They are violating and shamelessly negating the rules for the Senate and Congress of the United States by which they are to govern. No matter which label you choose to put on it the end result is the same. This is going to make us a socialist nation concentrating the power in a select few who will force us to live as they will us to live. It’s about global socialism when they get to “Cap and Trade”, and it is in the end about reparations not only in the United States, but globally. I have said before and totally believe it to be true that George Soros isn’t the Anti-Christ, but they are good friends. Soros fancies himself to be a “Messianic Figure” and what we are experiencing at this time is the fruition of his life’s work. He finances virtually every socialist organization in this country. This is greatest socialist experiment of his life. Do as you will, as for me, in the great words of General Stark, “I will live free or die”.

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  1. Let’s start a little controversy; It is easy to condemn the health care plan when you have health insurance for yourself. It’s sort of like the old saying; “A recession is when your neighbor is unemployed, a depression is when you are unemployed”. While I do not support the plan, I don’t support what we currently have going on either.
    There are plenty of folks out there who do not have healthcare now simply because they do not have a job and cannot find a job. Even if you make the case that an employer should not be required to provide health insurance, you can’t buy it yourself if you don’t have a job. IT’S A JOB PROBLEM NOT A HEALTH CARE PROBLEM. Why the hell are we exporting our jobs?
    The argument that one can always go to the emergency room and have treatment does not hold. By the time one is in bad enough shape to be treated in an emergency room much more care is needed at much greater cost. Remember the old wisdom; “A stitch in time saves nine”.
    The heath care plan that is being proposed has plenty of problems to be sure, but there needs to be something done to contain health care cost, i.e. tort reform, something this healthcare plan does not even address.
    As far as the argument about health care controlling our entire lives, I would imagine the same was said about Medicare and Medicaid. And, the issue of Medicare benefits being cut, why shouldn’t they be cut if the health care plan takes care of those expenses that are now be covered by Medicare?
    Folks, one more time, IT’S A JOBS PROBLEM”. A basic premise I learned in college Economics is that there are three ways to create wealth in an economy; mining, farming and manufacturing, everything else is extraneous. Somewhere along the line somebody has to do something that is tangible. A service economy does not work, get it?

    • Excellent comment

      • Sure hope this works.

  2. For those of you who like playing with numbers, here are a few numbers to ponder. The lewly passed healthcare bill is projected by some to cost the taxpayers some $1,000,000,000,000.00 (one trillion)over the next 10 years.

    Using my trusty tool maker michrometers I measured the thickness of a $100 dollar bill (don’t tell my wife I have a $100 bill, please)it measured a clean .0045″ thick, just 1.5x the thickness of a human hair.

    If you were to stack brand new $100 dollar bills on top each other, a stack of one trillion dollars would be 3.75 million feet tall.

    Kind of puts things into prospective.

  3. That is beyond my ability to grasp!!

  4. I am a 68 year old male in good health and loving life up until Sunday. I’ve lived my life in mostly good times in America. I have 7 Grandchildren who will undoubtly suffer in some form because of this corrupt Admin. I hope before I die that I will be able to play a part in the dismantling of this law and the people who produced it. I don’t have to worry about how it effects me except I may die sooner which doesn’t bother me however I am worried about what happens to my children and grandchildren. Right now I along with two thirds of the population are looking for a leader who has the respect of the people to point in the direction we should go. I am willing to bear arms if neccessary to take back our country. My parents, grandparents and my family help build this great nation and I’ll be damned if someone who can’t even prove wherther he is qualified to be President runs us in the ground.

    • You are a man after my own heart. I couldn’t have said it any better than you have, and I agree with you totally. Thanks for expressing your opinion. It is most welcome.

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